DIY :: Halloween Costume for Kmart

Halloween is here and if you're like me, than you tend to put off planning that perfect costume until days before your annual party. Or in my case..... my postponed Halloween party (thanks Hurricane Sandy). My procrastination always leads to a costume that I don't love or I end up resorting to the always trusty 'whoopie cushion' outfit, and then run into six other people wearing the same thing. That's the mark of a failed Halloween costume. This year, I decided it was time to start planning early, get creative and have an original costume to proudly display!Thanks to the help of Kmart, I was able to get this little do-dad together in a jiffy.  


I'm a huge music fan, so it made perfect sense to start with what I know best. My inspiration came from scouring my 'most played' album covers in iTunes. Sure enough, when Goldfrapp's 'A&E' album came up on the screen, I knew we had a winner! I saw the tulle and the over sized sweatshirt and thought, 

'hey, that is stylish, original and comfortable'


Plus, in case you aren't familiar, Alison Goldfrapp is one half of the duo that makes the band Goldfrapp. She's not one for the spotlight, but given her knack for amazing fashion and catchy tunes, she's been a top musical influencer and repeat Grammy contender for almost a decade. Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Gwen Stefani have all been heavily influenced by Alison's glam-rock fashion. Model Kate Moss dressed identical to Alison's stage outfits in recent years. Coldplay personally asked her to go on tour with them and she received her invitation into fashion history when she was photographed for Vogue. Lucky lady! 



Over sized Sweatshirt

Black Flower Pin

Black Leggings

Kid's Tutu

- DIY Party Hat 

HOW TO :: 

- First, assemble your party hat. I downloaded the template 


 and used a piece of construction paper, some gold tissue paper, tape and ribbon. It's kindof ghetto, but ya know what.... it'll do juuuust fine! 

- Assemble your outfit. Attach the flower pin in the middle of the sweatshirt. 

- Place the tutu over your head and pin to secure it if the waist is too baggy. 

- Throw on your party hat and you're ready! 


Would love to know, what are some of your favorite bands? If you were to do a DIY of a musician, who would you choose? 

Thanks again to Kmart or having me over on their blog. Check out the post


. Happy Halloween Y'all!