Dear Santa :: Live A Quiet Life

parkeretc_dana tanamachi_1.jpg

The next installment in my 'Dear Santa' plea letters is for a knock-your-socks-off piece of wall art. Not just any print, but one that actually speaks for itself and means more than meets the eye. In fact, I've found the perfect one already (go figure)..... Santa, take note. 

Leave it to the ever-so-talented Miss Dana Tanamachi to launch a little print shop right before the holidays. Best known for her large chalk art installations and numerous magazine covers, this little lady has brought the notion of meaningful giving into the forefront this holiday season. Currently, she's offering a single quote in four different color variations. Here's the heart tug. Each color represents a cause; black is for Restore NYC, green is for Save Our Streets, red is for Many Hopes and blue is for Grace in the Storm. Literally 100% of every single sale goes towards their designated organization. 100%. It's a brilliant and meaningful gift, a conversation starter and a purchase with a purpose. 

'Live a Quiet Life and Work with Your Hands'....  now doesn't that just sound divine? 

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