Cool Alert :: Factory 20

We currently live in a wide open loft space with great brick walls and high ceilings. It sounds too good to be true... cause it is. Really, if purchasing were anywhere in the near three decades of our life plan, I would squat on our apartment until we could buy it for less than eight digits (the woes on NYC real estate). Actually, that will now be the current plan!

I love filling a loft space with unique, salvaged style furniture. Old wood tables, industrial cabinets, and shelves with distressed paint.... the old stuff with a story. It was destined this would be my taste. After all, my father knows the history and lineage of every piece of family furniture we have.

Factory 20 is my dream store filled with everything my design heart could ever want. Every design is truly its own little piece of art. Basically, it's like stepping inside the Narnia of vintage and repurposed furniture! Also, if you need to just borrow some amazing pieces for a photo shoot, party or wedding reception, they also offer a renting service on the furniture. So glad I stumbled upon this little gem of a store! BONUS: they deliver to Brooklyn!


 photos via: Factory 20