Whelp, This Is Happening!


I really don't think there's much to say that can follow up the act above!

Keeping it simple and to the point today. We're obviously excited, semi-terrified, pretty naive, totally clueless, full of hope and anticipation and already exhausted. Hope y'all are ready to join me in this adventure!

'Nuff said :)  

Wide Leg Pants :: Guest Editor On Daily Buzz Style Today!

The wide legged pant made quite the comeback earlier this year at fashion week. I'd say I was excited at first, but that would be a lie considering I just started even wearing pants again in general just a mere month ago. I'm a bonafied skirt and dress kind of gal. But, now that I'm slowly warming up to the pant world again, (slowly being the key word there) these wide leg styles seems to be the answer to the need for comfort in the pant world.  I've started to love the look, the silhouette and the loose fit of these pants, especially for summer. The last thing you want to be wearing are tight jeans in the hot summer months. No way jose. 

I was honored to be asked by Daily Buzz Style to be their guest editor today! After scouring through blogs upon blogs, we narrowed it down to these lovely nine ladies who are rocking the wide leg pant in all the right ways. These fashion savvy ladies show you how to dress up the pants or simply wear them with your favorite comfy t-shirt. So head on over and get inspired with ways to wear this trend!

Grease & Glamour // Devon Rachel // On The Racks // Brit + Whit // My Style Diaries

Sparkling Footsteps // The Chic Street // Mocha Soy Whippy // M.A.S Fashion

Do share with me, are you on the wide leg trend? If so, what's your favorite pair and how do you style them? 

LYST :: Blogger of the Week

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If you've ever wondered what my dream job would be, what keeps me up at night and what my most treasured possession is.... then check out the full Q&A HERE. Thanks for having me Lyst! 




Side note :: We are in Texas with family this week (also known as..... I'm laying by the pool and drinking margarita's and hanging out with my baby nephew) so please excuse a wee-bit of an absence this week. Family time is treasured time.