We are officially back to school! Let me tell you, having to get up an hour earlier every morning now just to get ready before I have to get Parker up to get ready is a real struggle. I love sleeping. Just knowing that life will now be this way for the next 12 years of her life sure doesn't make it easier. Anyways, I'll keep this short as I just wanted to share some backpacks I came across while scouring the internet for back to school items for Parker. Shopping for back to school items is more fun than actually going back to school ;) These are the five top trends I noticed in back packs and I chose my favorite from each category! 







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Hi! Welcome to 2018 and the first post of the year [finally!]. I’m finding a lot of people are asking where to find clothing, baby stuff and home pieces that I post on Instagram or in IG Stories, and try as I might, it’s hard to always post the exact link or have time to find a similar option. I’ve never really gotten into, but have started linking certain things in my IG Stories [swipe up ;)] as a way to help share products in a more immediate fashion. Honestly, if people prefer, voice your opinion and I’ll attempt to figure that system out! But for now, I decided it might be fun to do a quick recap of the real outfits I wear on a daily basis to work, to run errands, to the playground, to lounge around on weekends at home. Since with two kids it’s kind of hard to shoot and post full outfit posts these days, let’s try this way of sharing and let me know what you all think of it! Mind you, it’s all mainly iPhone pictures, but you can see what my go-to outfits have been recently, how I’ve styled them and hopefully it will lend some inspiration! If you like this sort of recap, leave a comment and let me know so I can put them together more regularly. 





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In collaboration with The White Company

Warm weather vacations are the best kind of vacations mainly because it’s so much easier to pack. Summer clothes are lighter and easier than winter clothes, so you get to bring along a slew of more options! And I’m an options girl. I’m also the most meticulous suitcase packer within my household. Equipped with usually two extensive lists, I’ll start packing at least a day before to give myself plenty of time to think of everything I could possibly need to bring along. At times I wish I was the ‘throw whatever into the suitcase and deal with it later’ person.

But, alas, I’m not.

mom travel essentials

The key to a solid travel wardrobe are three things: simplicity, versatility and quality. You’ll want to be able to swap out pieces and mix and match to create twice as many outfits without having to actually pack twice as much. Since I’m already such a fan of The White Company (they seriously make everything you’ll ever need), I thought it was as good a time as any to test out their products against my travel wardrobe guidelines. The White Company is a British lifestyle brand that recently crossed the pond, opening their first store in New York.

amy parker anderson summer packing list
amy parker anderson summer packing essentials

Simplicity: Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Packing pieces that have clean lines, fit well and look chic will always guarantee you look effortlessly put together, regardless of how much time you actually spent getting ready. A fitted white t-shirt is a staple in my suitcase. This white peplum camisole has ‘summer ease’ written all over it and I’m always on the hunt for tanks of this style that are more modest up top. Since I’m constantly with a baby on my hip, a higher neckline is smart to combat the pull down that happens when you’re lugging a human on your body!

Versatility: I try to exclusively pack things that can either be a daytime outfit or an evening outfit. This can be based on how you pair them and your chosen accessories. This tassel scarf is a great example of a day-to-night transition piece. A chic and neutral bag means no clashing scares, and I also like to keep all my clothes within a monochromatic color palette (not surprising, I know), so then everything goes with everything!

Quality: No one wants to arrive to their hotel room only to spend the next hour ironing all of your clothes back to their crisp original selves. You can tell a quality piece of clothing by how it stands up to being folded and cramped for a number of hours. Especially during the summer, all linen pieces are your best options!

If you ever want to be super meticulous, I sometimes suggest trying on outfits before you pack them and taking pictures of yourself in the outfits. Then when you don’t know why the heck you packed that one skirt or what on earth you’re supposed to wear with that particular pair of pants, then you can swipe through your pictures and have full references for your entire travel wardrobe. This may make me sound crazy, but I swear it saves time and energy so you can enjoy your trip and not overthink your wardrobe.

amy parker anderson parker etc 
amy parker anderson parker etc

What are your packing tips for your summer vacations? And where are you going this August?