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Last month, we launched our first Cultivate Workshop here in NYC and, boy oh boy, was it one of my favorite afternoons! I gushed about my love for hosting and why these workshops were started here, and after such initial success, we can't wait to keep 'em coming! 

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Our first topic was floral arrangement so we invited the talented Brandy Cerny of Lulamoss Creative to teach us all the details of basic floral design. She started with the in's and out's of how to navigate the intimidating New York floral market, then outlined how to decide which flowers to buy together and how they compliment each other and helped us understand how to create a compelling and balanced floral arrangement. Of course, my immediate questions included 'how do I keep them alive?' and 'how many flowers are too many flowers to have in one home?'. Someone needed to address the important issues at hand! 

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Our primary goals with these workshops is to create a super welcoming and relaxed environment where people feel empowered to learn, create and connect. What I loved most was getting to know all of the wonderful women who joined us, why they were interested in floral design and hear what other workshops they are dying to take. 

nyc floral workshop parker etc cultivate nyc
floral design workshop parker etc 

We began by selecting the flowers and sectioning off our vases. The sections help to keep the flowers divided and at attention in the vase as opposed to all slumping to one side.... which is what my arrangements usually look like. When Brandy explained how to do this, I felt like my world changed. Probably the best trick I learned! 

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It was incredible to see how every single person's arrangement was so very different. We were all given the same selection of flowers and greenery to choose from, yet everyone created an entirely different piece. Some were large and in charge (ahem, mine!), others were more delicate and allowed for blank space and some were even tiered from shortest flower to the tallest. It also gave me so much inspiration for arrangements to do on different occasions. I could've spent the whole day doing this and also arranging and re-arranging my flowers. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and saw no end in sight with how many flowers I could keep fitting into my vase! #moreismoreismore

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Want to say a huge thank you to all of you brave souls who committed to coming to our very first workshop! It was so much more fun than I even imagined it would be and we were overwhelmed with support to keep organizing these gatherings. So, we are!

We just hosted two sold out calligraphy and lettering classes last weekend and are open to any requests for workshop topics! Something you've always wanted to learn, but never knew where to find such a class? Feel free to leave a note in the comment section below or shoot me an email. We'd be delighted to know what people want to learn and then we will gather the resources! 

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Dress :: & Other Stories

Amazing photos by Twenty Twenty Studios and Jen Trahan!

DIY :: Studded Leather Hair Bow

Folks, it has been a DIY inspired weekend. So get ready for a slew of handmade things to be rolling out on the blog in the coming days. 

Without further adieu...... first up, the studded hair bow. Of course, it's a well known fact my feelings for studs and leather, so what better way to combine them into one amazingly bad-a accessory than this. Let's get to it! 

20120521_Studded Bow_1.jpg


Gold Studs  $5.00 -> M&J Trim has the best selection of studs and spikes.

Leather bow $5.00 -> I snatched mine on super sale at the American Apparel pop-up shop.

Exacto knife $6.50 -> A leather punch would've also done the job, but the holes may be too big with a punch. 

20120521_Studded Bow_3.jpg


- Measure (cause I didn't!) and mark where you want the studs to go. Mine are wee-bit sporadically placed! 

- Using the exacto knife, make small cuts in the bow where the spikes will go through. The spikes alone will not puncture the leather. 

- Line up the stud with the holes you just made with the exacto. Push firmly until you see the spikes coming out the other side. 

- Bend the spikes down to secure the stud in place. Repeat for as many studs as you'd like to be on your bow. 

20120521_Studded Bow_4.jpg

Add it to your favorite summer hair-do and you're ready to go! 

How To Look Expensive :: Tom Binns Style



Tom Binns makes incredible hand-painted Swarovski crystal necklaces. You aren't just getting a piece of jewelry..... you're getting a statement piece. A very very stunning and colorful piece. Oh yea, they are pretty and sparkly.  They will also run you a pretty penny too. So in my world of trying to look expensive without spending the extra expense (tongue twister)... you can imagine my victory dance when I came across the Spike The Punch line by Elizhyc on Etsy.

Let's do the math together ::

1 Tom Binns piece = $800 

1 Spike the Punch piece = $36.00

Grand total savings of....drum roll please..... ALOT of cash money!

This was one great 'look for less' I had to share. I've been impressed with some great DIY versions out there on other blogs. Check out a few here, here and here for some inspiration.  That's also a great route to go if you're wanting a more personalized piece or if you want to use an old vintage rhinestone necklace you already have.


 Photos: via Tom Binns & Spike The Punch