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Let me tell you, it’s cold as Antarctica here in the city. A stark change from the mild fall temperatures the city had over Christmas and the fact that I was literally wearing my Birkenstocks up until two weeks ago. During these frigid months, lip balms are a must and I have no less than 4 in rotation at any given time. One in my purse, one at the office, one on my nightstand and one in the bathroom. It’s incredible how all are completely necessary!

Since I’ve become pretty particular about my natural beauty products, the hunt for a non-toxic lip balm was high on my list this year. It took some trial and error…. not all are created equal. I don’t want to have to reapply every 30 seconds to feel like my lips are moisturized. Who has time for that?

I decided to compile a list of the best natural lip balms - in my opinion!

Honest CompanyMrs. Alba has obviously built quite the empire with this brand. These lip balms are compact, easy to take anywhere and the lavender mint is my favorite! 

Juice Beauty Organic Lip Moisturizer: All of these lip balms are clean and safe for kids, which is the best part about natural products, but this is Parker's go-to 'lipstick'.... as she calls it. 

S.W. Basics - Cream: Is this a miracle product? Yes. Yes it is. I use it on my lips, dry skin, under my eyes and on any skin irritations Parker gets. It only has three ingredients and this brand is available at Target! They are based out of Brooklyn and have a whole line of amazing natural products. The founder is also the author of 'Skin Cleanse', which I recommend everyone to read. 

Grown AlchemistWith the beauty of an Aesop container, this lip balm is blended with Sweet Almond and Rose Hip Oils rich in essential fatty acids, as well as Shea Butter and Jojoba Oils to counter the effects of the harsh winter conditions. 

Savannah Bee Beeswax Lip Balm: Unlike other balms that can be sticky to apply, the lightweight consistency of this balm makes it feel like so soft and easy to apply all day every day. 

Burts Bees:The tinted balm is my favorite as it adds a bit of color along with the hydration. Great for those times when you don't want the full-on lipstick look. 

Olio E Osso Balm: Another one of those jack-of-all-trade balms, some swear this also tames flyaways and unruly eyebrows, conditions cuticles and relieves dry skin. 

Beauty Counter Lip Conditioner: The most legit lip conditioner I've ever experienced. If you want a more compact option, they have a smaller lip balm you could opt for. Different formula, but still effective! 


diy natural hair rinse apple cider vinegar hair rinse

Today, we are going to talk a little about apple cider vinegar, or as my husband likes to call it, ‘the man repelling solution’. Over the past year, I’ve started integrating more natural beauty products and concoctions into my life. It started back when Parker was born and I quickly became keenly aware of what I was using on her, which then made me turn the microscope onto the products I was using for myself. It has just escalated from there. Now I check everything I’m purchasing for our home, bodies and beauty on this app. It’s addicting and will slowly make you clean out your entire bathroom cabinet… but more on that later, cause I could probably dedicate an entire post on the clean out I’ve done since discovering it!

Recently, my biggest beauty pet peeve has been the condition of my hair.... or lack there of. Mainly because of a) the New York humidity and b) my own genetics have bonded together and created a deadly marriage. Since it’s so muggy and gross I tend to use more product in my hair to keep the frizzy fro at bay. After a few days (cause hey, I’m a wash your hair maaaaaybe twice a week lady) my hair and scalp have collected a fair amount of dry shampoo and various other products. I didn’t feel like my shampoo and conditioner were really doing the trick to clean all of the gunk out… and I even shampoo twice! So to the internet I went, and what did I find? The best and cheapest solution.

diy natural hair rinse apple cider vinegar hair rinse

I’m no stranger to the wonders of ACV (as all the true hippies refer to it by) as I use it on my face every night before bed (the most man repelling use of all) as a toner to aid in balancing out my skin - which it has done a miraculous job at for the record. It nearly rivals coconut oil as the great natural multi-tasker since it can basically be used to do everything you need besides make you look like Megan Fox overnight. But most recently, I’ve been using it twice a month between my shampoo and conditioner as a hair rinse. The vinegar removes build-up and residue from your hair and, since residue coats the hair causing it to look dull, removing residue gives your hair more shine. I like shine!


1 part apple cider vinegar

1 part water

I mix it ahead of time into a glass and place the glass on the sink next to the shower. After shampooing, I pour the mixture over my hair. I tried a spray bottle version once, but didn’t feel like I was getting enough deep into the root of my hair. Then I massage the vinegar into my scalp and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then I rinse it out. Sometimes, if the smell is particularly strong, I’ll then use conditioner in my hair after the vinegar has been rinsed out. But some people swear the vinegar can just be used in place of traditional conditioner. I’m not quite at that level yet.

diy natural hair rinse apple cider vinegar hair rinse

If your nose isn’t ready yet for the full plunge into the world of vinegar, you can always ease into it with something like Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo. You can also mix in some drops of your favorite essential oil, like lavender, to freshen things up.

Do you use apple cider vinegar or have any other natural hair concoctions I should add to my life? Please share!



There’s been an obvious resurgence in craftsmanship over the past few years in everything from jeans to cigars to food. It’s become a buzzword of sorts for advertising and it’s hard to tell who is truly embodying the term and who is really just a sham. There are so many smoke and mirrors these days in the production process of our goods, that when I walked in to purchase my first bottle of perfume in person from Le Labo (Santal 33 club member here), I was taken aback when a lab coated mixologist took to blending up my bottle right there on the spot. It truly is what I imagine chemistry class was like…. had I ever actually attended. And I guess if my chemistry class had been about how to make semi-couture fragrances, well dang, I probably wouldn’t have skipped so much.


With an aura of an antique apothecary,the store here in Soho is an experience all it’s own. Forget the sensory overload you get at a department store or Sephora, this little store slash laboratory is calm, welcoming and painfully chic in every way possible. The French just have a way of doing that so effortlessly. Ugh. Anyways, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and you are encouraged to try anything and everything your heart desires. A retail note I hadn’t noticed until working at Warby, it makes such a difference to not feel like you’re in a museum surrounded by judging and watchful eyes. Try this and smell this! Yes, please!


Besides the amazing experience it lends a customer to have their perfume mixed up and personally labeled upon purchase confirms that they are actually in the business of crafting fragrance as it was intended to be. Thanks to my lab coated mixologists chemistry lesson, he informed me that as some things get better with age (wine, leather, George Clooney) perfume is not one of them. As a perfume hoarder myself (save the good stuff for special occasions, ya know) this was hard to hear. So why Santal 33, I asked? Well, each of the 12 scents is named after its primary natural essence (Santal 33, Rose 31, Iris 39 ),  the numbers indicating the amount of combined ingredients in the resulting fragrance. Which is all basically pure magic for your nostrils. I have seriously never given much thought to where or how my perfume was being made. It's a pretty incredible, thoughtful and meticulous process.  


It's Santal 33 for my daily scent, Rose 31 for laundry detergent and Santal 26 for candles. They literally have everything available to be sure your whole life just smells divine. So don’t be a stranger, they are generous with samples if you’re able to stop into the store, or you can also order samples online directly to try out at home. Brilliant!

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