Brooklyn to Brooklin :: Lobster Boil


Brooklin, ME.....looks pretty ugly and is lacking any charm or scenic appeal, right?! I mean, who likes adorable cottages and paddle boats during the most gorgeous sunset you've ever seen?!

The first part of the Brooklyn to Brooklin series is about a quick and easy rustic table setting. Stop yawning already……I promise this has no hardcore etiquette rules, but does have some old school touches, plus pretty pictures!


Let’s agree on one thing, not all table settings have to be ornate masterpieces. Don’t be afraid to be informal. I think that’s where people get overwhelmed. Currently, my table at home houses a variety of things….. um, besides the mail and anything I recklessly dumped out of my purse the day before…..the center includes an antler, a couple cake stands and some candles on top of a few pine tree stubs I stole collected last year from the Christmas tree cutting stations in the neighborhood (they just smell so good!).


Here’s the scenario: our lobster broil dinner was a set up outside on the back porch of one of the cottages. We grabbed an old door from the shed and pulled over a couple sawhorse legs and had ourselves a table. From there came the decoration. I started by grabbing the prettiest vases, cups, pitchers, bowls and random kitchenware that were in our cabin and the girl’s cottage. Between the two kitchens, I found everything I needed.


Luckily, there were wild flowers abounding since we were….well….in the ‘wild’ as we city kids would call it. It was so easy to just walk around with a pair of scissors and create a bouquet for the table. I day dream about my own garden someday! Anywho, mason jars and teacups serve as great flower vases and a pasta drainer lined with a vintage handkerchief was perfect to hold the ridiculously delicious cheesy rolls that Becky made.  


Moral of this story: learn to use things you already own in new ways. It will make for a more unique and personalized table setting and you don’t feel pressured to purchase all the standard nonsense table dressings. The whole idea is inexpensive and unconventional…..two of my very favorite things!


photos: E