Battle of the Heels


Dear Women of New York City,

I often see many of you wearing heels that would challenge those of Gaga or Beyonce, and I'm not talking during the times when I'm out on the town on a Friday night (rarely happens anyways!), I'm talking about a Tuesday morning and you're walking in front of me the 6 blocks to the subway....managing the stairs, picking up to a trot to catch the on-coming train and also just strolling around to pick up lunch. My question is do you survive the WHOLE day in those heels? All those city blocks, stairs, escalators? Now I know some might be thinking that these women carry flats or backups in their bags....but this letter is to those I see that don't have a spare set on hand to change into....the ones that never have an ounce of pain on their face while walking or a slight limp in either leg. Do you have magical feet? Were you born with a superhero size pain tolerance? What are your secrets?

I am not bred from this mystical land that produces such pain tolerance to this exquisite type of torture. And this is sad, cause I LOVE heels. There are such beautiful pairs that have sat in my closet since moving to NYC and are only brought out when I can plan a time to change into them outside the party (city girl trick of the trade!). But what woman doesn't love heels? The instant power you feel as you put on your best pair and you walk around like a peacock derived from the most glamorous species! But in a city where we can't drive from one place to another and your feet are your wish is to one day be initiated into the club of magical pain tolerance and wear a pair of heels for a whole day....well, maybe I should keep it realistic.....wear a pair a heels a whole night (and this includes taking the subway in them).




* If my wish for magical pain tolerance were to come true tomorrow......these are the shoes my feet are dying to strut their stuff in!*


1. Farylrobin - Marisol - $199

2. Aldo - Callagy - $69.89

3. Diane von Furstenberg - Zia - $280

4. Alloy - Aleksandra Bootie - $29.90

5. Steve Madden - Riddgge - $99.95