Baby Mama Essentials :: First Trimester

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In recent weeks, I've had to learn to be more confident answering the 'how have you been feeling' questions with the honest response. That answer is 'freaking amazing'! Somewhere along the way, I got the idea that I didn't want to mislead other gals or have them think pregnancy is a walk in the park, cause it's not, so I would give the luke warm answer of 'oh, you know how the first months are'..... when that hasn't actually been the truth. I was suffering from guilt. I've honestly felt the same as I did before I was pregnant. Just add a belly bump that sometimes simply resembles a food baby more than an actual pregnant stomach.... and my ability to fall into a narcoleptic sleep at 7pm sharp. I need to not feel guilty about how easy these months have been, mostly because I want to be fully present for every moment. There is only one first-time around at this.... and I realize pregnancy is not easy for some women.... but I've been overwhelmingly thankful that it has been such a smooth ride for me.... so far. I say this all because I'm dry humored by nature (news flash), but that doesn't mean I take this experience for granted. 

Sappy stuff aside, I wanted to share my go-to products from the past five months. And really, why are these months referred to as 'trimesters'.... they should just be called 'stages of survivial'. Your body is changing, your daily hypoglycemic rants are at an all time high and I've memorized the number of steps it takes me to get from my desk to the bathroom. 



one // KIND bars - The perfect cure to the snack attacks that hit nearly every three hours. Simple ingredients, simple packaging and tasty as can be. 

two // Vitamins - Why wasn't I taking these even before I was pregnant? Who knew they basically transformed your hair into the mane of a goddess and gave you nails of steel? I'm kind of expecting them to turn me into Beyonce.

three // Uniqlo Jeggings - Now, stop right there. I know the word 'jeggings' invokes a lot of mixed feelings in people. The word usually makes me cringe. Frankly, it's just a poor choice in product naming if you ask me. But.... I have been able to dodge the maternity jeans thus far thanks to these stretchy fellas. High five! 

four // Snuggle Body Pillow - Yep, that's right. One person classified it as 'the Cadillac of body pillows' and I was SOLD. That.... and one look at how comfy that pregnant lady in the advertising photo looks and I couldn't wait to spoon up to my very own Snuggle. One effect pregnancy has had on me is the discomfort of sleeping. Your body is achy and all you desire is hours of uninterrupted sleep. Especially since those precious hours disappear once the baby is born. (Disclaimer :: your husband may get jealous of the Snuggle, cause let's face it, it's just a body pillow on steroids.) 

five // Chimes Ginger Chews - Aside from a maniac taxi ride one evening, I haven't really experienced any nausea during these months. I did however, have a few encounters with the common acid reflex that occurs during pregnancy. Ginger is a pretty big natural cure-all for a lot of ailments, and this is no exception. I keep a stash on my bedside table. Plus, they're just kindof yummy regardless. 

six // Unsweetened Almond Milk - Almonds are packed full of iron, calcium and protein. All good things your body needs during these months. I've been a fan of this box of deliciousness for a while, but had only used it when making fresh juices. Now a days, I'll just chug it straight from the container while standing with the fridge door wide open. No shame. 

seven // Orbit Fruity Gum - If there's ever been something I've been known to get die hard about, it has always been my choice of gum. For years, I've been a loyal Trident 'Minty Sweet Twist' chewer and never cheated on it. One of my only food aversions has been to this gum. Gasp! It was a sad day when that was realized. 

eight // Cycling - Believe the hype. Not only is it great for your general fitness routine, it's the perfect form of low impact cardio during pregnancy and will assist in keeping your energy levels high. With the help of my co-worker and trainer, we've got a kick butt fitness routine down to keep all my body curves where they should be during and after this pregnancy. Don't want things moving south anytime soon. 

nine // Straight Up H20 - It would do some good to just hook a sister up to a good old-fashioned IV. You would think I wandered the Saharan desert every day for hours. I just can't seem to quench my thirst, ever. Around my desk, at home and in every purse I own.... you'll find massive liter sized water bottles scattered. 


We can end with an awesome action shot of me enjoying the most delicious Vietnamese sandwich. After which, I felt Baby A move for the first time while riding the F train. Took a few hours to decide if it was, in fact, the baby or the sandwiches. But, we concluded it was the baby. 

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