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We're getting back on track y'all! This week I've got Alyssa of I Like Nice Things chatting us up on motherhood. She's a massively creative graphic designer and founder of We Like We Love. Talk about meeting a soul sister..... when we first hung out in person, I felt like we had known each other for years. We share a lot of the same values on faith, family and have huge hearts for the cities we live in. Plus, I love a fellow mama rocking the nose hoop post baby. I go back and forth with taking it out.... like, do parents have nose hoops outside of the hippie moms of the Northwest?! But, rockstar moms like Alyssa remind me it's still ok..... plus maybe it will give me street cred with Parker when she's older.... or completely negate any argument I may throw at her to not pierce her face. I'm setting myself up to fail at that conversation, aren't I?! Anyways, back to Alyssa! She's also a new mama to sweet Sasha and her words have been so reassuring to me now that I'm on the otherside of motherhood. Sometimes you just need to know someone else thinks the same thing as you..... like a 'you're not crazy' reminder.... love those, we all need it sometimes. Her son has the most animated facial expressions and I love how great they have captured them. Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well to keep up with all her precious photos of baby Sasha. 

NAME :: Alyssa Yuhas


TWITTER :: @welikewelove

CHILDREN + AGES :: Sasha, 20 weeks


Honest first thoughts when you found out you were pregnant?

Really excited, because my husband, Shane, and I were planning but we had been told that it could take a long time for us to fall pregnant and it only took a few months. And really scared, because although I always knew we would have children, I never pictured myself as a mother. Plus when we found out, we were leaving (the next day!) on a month long trip through Europe, so I was a bit sad I wasn't going to get to indulge in European wine and cheese.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently and what would you do the same?

I don't think I would do anything different. I had an amazing pregnancy (fingers crossed that happens again!) and we decided to have a midwife (which we will definitely do again!). Our timing was ideal (& hopefully we can time it that way next time!): I was the largest in the coldest months, and when I was ready to leave the house with Sasha it was perfect walking and exploring weather!

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Things all your previously pregnant friends conveniently forgot to tell you to expect about pregnancy or motherhood in general?

How hard the first few weeks are! Honestly, the labor/delivery was a breeze compared to the emotional and physical hurdles I went through in the first few weeks. Not only was I healing from passing a child through a small hole (ha!), but I was now responsible for this innocent, perfect little person. Incredibly overwhelming in every way. However, even as Sasha and I were figuring it all out (took us about 6 weeks for life to feel less chaotic & get into a groove), it was the most amazing time. I look back and actually wish for those moments again! Crazy!

Golden ticket piece of wisdom for a first-time mom?

In the first few months: Say YES when friends and family offer to help. If a friend wants to bring you food, say YES. If a friend wants to come over to hold the baby so you can nap, say YES. If a friend wants to come over and clean your kitchen, say YES. Focus on you and your baby, the rest other people can help with.

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You can’t possibly raise a child without …

At this point, an infant rocker (like a mamaRoo, or a vibrating bouncy chair). This simple chair allows me to have a shower. Hallelujah.

Does the feeling of ‘I’m not prepared for this’ ever go away?

I'd love to know this question too! I'm super new at this, and it can be very overwhelming. Shane and I are totally responsible for this beautiful little boy. We definitely have moments of thinking we are inadequate, but every single day is a gift with Sasha. He is the best thing that ever happened to us. The best thing I've ever done, ever created. Honestly, life was good before Sasha but it's WAY better now. He makes everything more beautiful, exciting and fun. So even in the moments of feeling unprepared and unsure, it's all washed away when I look at him.

Today has been declared ‘Mommy’s Day Off’.... what’s your ideal day?

A whole day?! I'd probably sleep in (!!!), go for brunch with my girls, bounce around the city shopping, exploring and thrifting, and end it with dinner & drinks with my husband at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then catch the sunset down by the water!


Images via :: Alyssa