Alt Summit :: All Stars - Part 2

Last but not least, we are at Part 2 of the Alt Summit All Stars! (I feel like trumpets should play a dramatic entrance tune right here!). I've been incredibly inspired by the group below and hope you are as well. 

......also, it appears today's post is brought to you by the letter 'J'.

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20120125_Alt Summit All Stars_1.jpg
20120125_Alt Summit All Stars_2.jpg

Anna :: Fashionista doesn't even come close. This girl oozes style, grace and charm and all in that effortless 'Oh, I just threw something on' kind of way. Tulip Louise is her editorial/personal styling company and get ready to see big things from her. Can't wait to galavant around the city with her during NYFW!

Jason :: On top of his hilariously witty and dry sense of humor (my favorite kind of funny!), he's a brilliant photographer out of Toronto. His site 'These Roving Eyes' is a mix of his life, clever writing and all the gorgeous pictures he captures. 

Erin :: Her column 'Have, Make' is my new favorite read. She's fresh and creative in her approach to DIY's and interior decorating, plus she works in fashion so her eye for design is on-point. 

Julie :: After doing handmade letterpress invites for their Grecian wedding, Julie and her husband loved the process so much that they started their own letterpress shop! Talk about following what you love and being really good at it. Check out their site for invites, cards and stationary. 

Jessica :: Let's chat about killer jewelry, we all know my love of more ismore is more..... well, I just found my kindred spirit in that department. Jessica runs a blog and jewelry company called Dahlia Lynn, and believe me when I say, they are gorgeous and the perfect designs to layer on top of each other. 

Jenn :: What's my perfect job idea you ask? Well, check out what Jenn does and you'll have the answer. By day, she runs Bow Tie & Bustle, a blog and event styling company. But here's the jackpot, she also has a sister shop called Scout, a vintage rental company where she gets to roam the antique and vintage yards for amazing pieces and then rent them out to people like you and me. Now, that would be my heaven! 

I hope you have enjoyed getting to meet these fellow bloggers and designers as much as I have. Truly the best part of Alt Summit is making real connections with real people in a world that is so heavy in the online community. I now feel so personally invested in their companies, blogs, shops and design work that it will be honest joy to watch everyone grow and build their businesses. 'Til next year! #altsummit