Alt Summit :: 2013 Recap

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Another Alt Summit has come and gone. Another whirlwind of parties, dinners and panels. I met new friends and reconnected with old ones. The baby bump got a lot of love and I survived my panel presentation. At every Alt Summit I attend, I'm constantly in awe of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to put on an event of its scale. Three cheers all around! 

I wanted to share a few sporadic images of my days in Salt Lake. There is no rhyme or reason.... these were just my favorites. Last year, I lugged around my Fuji Instax and snapped pictures of new friends..... this year, I could barely remember to stop running around and eat lunch. Even though it's a conference full of hundreds of bloggers, I found it difficult to always be taking out my camera to snap pictures. I realized these were the times where our online relationships get to take on real life perspective and I found myself ignoring the need to Instagram, tweet, snap pictures of my food or ask others to take photos of me and (fill in the blank). Instead, it was refreshing to get to know more about the people whose online businesses and blogs I truly admire. That was my focus. Although, there was the time I chatted with Jessica Alba about her amazing brand, The Honest Company, and she shared some truths on being a new mom. Now, that.... I stopped to take a picture of. You can bet you'll be seeing a lot more of their products on the blog as we start prepping for Bebe A. 

If you missed our panel on 'Advanced Blogging Skills', be sure to check out Whitney's post here that includes an overview complete with pretty photos. Who doesn't love pretty pictures?! Also, there's some stellar recaps here and here. Enjoy! 

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