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Just try not to drool on your computer...or offer over your first born.....or rob a bank for these pieces. Trust me...... I already thought of all three. Again, I can't do simple jewelry [first confession here]....I mean, I probably could if something like, say, my life depended on it....but let's not get dramatic here. I think I'm missing that trigger in my mind that goes off when you're getting ready that says "overload" when I'm putting on jewelry. But apparently the "more the merrier" trigger seems to be working just fine though.

Imagine my wide-eyed excitement when I clicked for the first time on the Dannijo shop. I immediately thought of how I could layer some of these necklaces together....I mean...cause why just wear one at a time? And with names like Delu, Bramley, Fitzgerald, Gia and Isadore.....the necklaces sure do take on an individual personality.


Dannjio was founded by a pair of sisters from Florida. Part bohemian and part rocker....the sisters blended the two to create their current line. Every piece is handmade in New York City and they even have a men's line!