A Glimpse Into The Future

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I think it’s safe to say that deep down, everyone has a small worry bug in them about having an unattractive baby. Don't even deny it. We’ve all been ‘that guy’ who was introduced to a friend's kid only to turn to your significant other and say ‘Oh gosh, now that was not a cute baby’. I’m guilty. You always have to think, do the parents know it’s not cute? Will I know if my baby isn’t all that cute? We can control a lot these days, but a snaggle tooth or the 'old man river' look some babies get... well, they just have to run their course. Everyone.... keep your calm. There’s nothing a cute baby outfit and a good Instagram filter can’t fix these days. Plus, we all know the tale that unattractive babies usually grow up to be super attractive adults and that super cute baby features don’t always translate into model worthy adulthood profiles. Some couples gene pools create more attractive boys than they do girls and vice versa. Don’t shoot the messenger, these are just the cold hard facts of life people.

BABY_A predictor.jpg

Recently, nothing has brought me more knee-slapping comedy than the world of online baby websites. Oh, the black hole. There’s a website for everything you could ever imagine and then ones you wouldn’t even want to imagine. My new favorite? The Baby Morpher! What briilliant and completely necessary life tool will they possibly think of next y’all?

I mean, the photo above pretty much sums it up. If you know me, than you could likely imagine the utter joy and jumping on the couch that ensued after we completed our baby morpher and received this glimpse into the future. If this thing has any truth to it, which I’m sure it does....  appears to be highly advanced technology my friends, then I’m basically giving birth to Blue Ivy’s twin sister. Which means my life long premonition that Beyonce and I are twins separated at birth, is in fact, real. Is that baby morpher photoshopped, you ask? We couldn’t even make up something this glorious if we wanted too.

Don’t forget to note the button that came up at the bottom of the page. Do I want to ‘make another baby’ right now? Heck no.

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