A Bow Tie For The Lady

20111117_Bow Ties.jpg

It all started when I began buttoning my shirts to the top. Then came the chocker necklaces around the collar and now I've moved on to the bow tie look. The menswear trend has been on a resurgence for a while and I'm just now dipping my toes in with some bow tie action. I'm more of a girly dresser by nature, I prefer dresses over pants and can't recall the last time I wore a pair of jeans. But, I think I'm starting to be attracted to a few pairs of pants (gasp, I know), but it's fun to have an always changing style. The bow ties are a perfect balance with a dress or a button up matched with a skirt. The dainty ones are great, but of course in my true accessory nature, I really like the oversized velvet ones. 

Since, of course, I decided on Sunday night that I wanted to wear a bow tie on Monday and don't actually own any..... I had to improvise. Thankfully I had a long silk scarf on hand from a recent trip to Beacon's Closet that would work perfectly. Who knew the complexity of trying to tie a bow on your neck while looking at yourself in the mirror?! Quickly realized it's not like tying your shoes. I failed miserably and had to call in reinforcements (my husband) to help. 

20111117_Bow Ties_2.jpg

 What are your thoughts on rocking bow ties and the menswear trend? Very Marlene Dietrich? Any fun menswear fashions you're really into right now? Please share! 

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