Celebrating the Everyday with The White Company

the white company dress, farmers market outfit

This post is sponsored by The White Company.

I’ve always had a struggle with sitting still, with taking time off or the concept of ‘doing nothing’. At even the thought of a nap, my brain starts to list off all the things I should be doing in that hour instead of sleeping, so I inevitably talk myself out of it. You guys, don’t misread this… I want to nap with all my being. I want to nap all.the.time. It’s my brain… it won’t let me. While this is all very helpful for accomplishing my ‘to-do’ list, it has become a point of contention since having kids. They can’t always be on the go and where’s the balance in what we need to do and what they want to do?

Eric travels a lot for work and so when he’s home I always try to think of these grandiose things to do with the kids so we can fit in all of these experiences together. But funny how marriage works, because Eric is the opposite of that. He wants to do the daily things together. The small stuff that I don’t even register. The stuff that is repetitive, but is actually what you reflect back on fondly more as an adult than those grandiose moments. It’s easy for me to forget how different our brains work. The everyday stuff carries more weight in the long run.

Our recent trip to the farmer’s market was a good reminder of this for me. It’s time away from the hustle and bustle, but is usually just part of my ‘to-do’ list and, therefore, easily checked off and onto the next. But this time when Eric got back in town, we decided to pack up and venture out together. Not as part of the things to check off, but as a way to relax and enjoy time as a family. Maybe we only needed kale and some flowers, but since this is an activity of daily recognition for us, it was nice to do it at a slower pace. It’s easy to rush with kids since they can be so very unpredictable in nature! The massive slide, fresh strawberries and kids’ garden are a few of the favorites for Parker to explore while we’re there. I also feel like it’s built-in babysitting while I’m trying to do some grocery shopping!

I partnered with The White Company for this post because, as a brand, they focus on celebrating the everyday and that resonates with me. You know what else resonates with me? A comfy linen dress and sneakers (by The White Company) that makes me feel like I’m actually at a farmer’s market in the English countryside! I’m a gal who likes to ‘dress for the occasion’ with no apologies! Give me a wicker basket, some fresh lavender and I’ll start walking around with a British accent. It’s also a concept that allowed my family to remember to spend time together doing the small stuff. And that’s something I can always get behind.


The White Company has opened their first store in the US in NYC, located at 155 Fifth Ave (between 21st & 22nd) click here for more store opening info! If you caught my story on IG last week, I gave a peek into the new interiors and they are stunning!