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If you can believe it, there were about a good four years of my life where I never wore jeans. My style steered more towards dresses and tights and boots and skirts. It was around the time when skinny jeans were making their way to the states and I just couldn’t get into the look. It was also probably that I couldn’t find a pair that fit like I wanted them too. That’s the thing with jeans… fit is everything. Across the board, whether they are expensive or inexpensive, it doesn’t matter if they don’t fit and flatter in all the ways you want. When the fit is just right, you feel like a million dollars when you put them on.

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Now that jeans are one of my closet staples, it’s exciting when a brand comes along that offers the perfect fit in every style that you can’t help but brag about them to anyone who will listen. That’s how I’ve felt about NYDJ, so when they asked if I’d host a brunch to help introduce my girlfriends to their jeans, it was an easy ‘yes’! While their jeans obviously fit all ladies, I wanted to share them with my mom squad specifically since these were the only jeans I felt amazing in (and that fit!) just weeks after giving birth. They stretch and hug and hold in all of your wobbly bits. Everyone was obviously skeptical the minute I told them to “size down” as you are instructed to with all NYDJ pieces. Funny how we are so conditioned to stick to certain numbers for ourselves. Literally as each gal emerged from the dressing room, they were in disbelief that a) the smaller size fit and b) how comfortable and moveable the jeans were and c) that the smaller size fit! Most admitted they hadn’t worn jeans since prior to being pregnant and now these were the first pair they actually felt good wearing. Every woman found a pair and style that they loved, which made me so happy!

nydj fit is everything
nydj fit is everything

While it’s definitely a blast to host a brunch with friends - the event was actually about something much more important than just food and conversation. First, during the month of March, NYDJ is celebrating its first National Fit Month: a month dedicated to bringing NYDJ’s perfect fit to women everywhere. Second, National Fit Month is the kick-off to NYDJ’s year-long partnership with Clothes4Souls on a one-for-one donation program with the mission of helping women in need. Clothes4Souls creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of clothing around the world to people in poverty and victims of natural disasters. In addition, donations are a key component to the company’s micro-enterprise programs, providing the means for entrepreneurs in developing nations to step out of poverty.

To help promote the month of celebrations, this Try-On event was a perfect way to support the partnership since they are donating an item of clothing to benefit women in need every time a customer simply tries on a pair of NYDJ jeans. Additionally, throughout the month, NYDJ will donate an item of clothing to Clothes4Souls every time a customer purchases a pair of jeans on NYDJ.com. That’s pretty incredible! If you’ve been thinking you need a new pair of jeans, now is the time to try them out! Scroll below to see my current favorites from NYDJ!

nydj jeans fit 
nydj jeans 

Photography by :: Ashtin Paige

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