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This is the last maternity outfit post I have in my arsenal, so after this, we can bid adieu to the baby belly… until the next round! After Parker’s birth, I was expecting and prepared for a whole slew of things post delivery, but the one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how much I was going to miss being pregnant. There’s just so much connected to that bump. I know not everyone has the most pleasant of experiences during those nine months, but I absolutely loved it! So once the bump was gone…. I kind of, well…. felt empty. What starts off as a secret only you and your husband share, grows into a visible belly, then into tiny flutters and then huge kicks and movements. You spend so much intimate time with this tiny human long before they join the outside world. I still go to rub my belly and realize it’s not there and well…. it would be super weird to rub my current belly! Plus, pregnant ladies get way more benefits than non-pregnant ladies. First, you get to nap without shame. You also have a free pass to be late, a little cranky and have dibs on the last of the guacamole. People were generally nicer, gave you seats on the subway, smiled at you on the street and let you use their bathroom without being a ‘paying customer’. Oh, those were the days.

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Maybe it was because the first months with Parker were a bit harder that it allowed me to dwell back on those sweet pregnancy moments more than I am now. Since she’s been an all-star nurser and loves to just hang, I’ve had more time to enjoy this season and haven’t had the chance to think back on how great pregnancy was because I’m so obsessed with how much I love her and the newborn stage the second time around. I actually have the capacity to soak up the moments with her and relax, instead of being so stressed over feedings and pumping and schedules and everything that goes along with that.

But seeing these pictures does remind me how fun it is to dress the bump, especially in comfy maternity dresses. I will, and do, miss that. Until next time bump!

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