pregnancy essentials second third trimester

You’ve made it to what most call the ‘honeymoon’ stage of pregnancy. It’s true. You will have so much more energy, your Beyonce hair starts to really shine and bounce with volume and your bump will be a cute bump and not yet an aggressively large basketball. These last two trimesters are both your best pregnancy days (second trimester) and some of your most uncomfortable (third trimester). Wanted to share a few of my staples for getting through these months with grace and at least a bit of ease. 

COMFY SHOES: Thanks to the summer humidity and my daily commute to the office on the subway, my feet sometimes swell a little. It’s definitely important to your overall posture and comfort to have shoes that aren’t killing you all day long and give your feet some space. They don’t have to be orthopedic shoes, just keep in mind what happened to Kim Kardashian when she forced herself into uncomfortable shoes (take it as a lesson!). My top picks 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.

LIP BALM: My lips get incredibly chapped and I’ve noticed it even more during these months. I load up on moisturizer and lip balm and keep both on hand in my bag at all times.

BRAS: Personally I didn’t need to change bra sizes while pregnant, but I did need some that were just a bit more comfortable as my stomach grew and the underwire in my normal ones would start to dig in. I wear these around the house and also to the gym. They can transition into nursing bras and are legit supportive. There's also some I prefer to wear when I'm at home and don't need a ton of support, just something comfortable and that will work for nursing later on. Top picks: 1 / 2 / 3

MEDICINE BALL: If you experience lower back pain or want to just help your overall posture in general, I found sitting on a large medicine ball at my desk while at work was super helpful. Like, game changer. I also use it at home when we are hanging out watching a movie or while on the computer. Plus, it transitioned with us into the fourth trimester where we’d hold baby Parker and bounce on it to calm her down. Kind of the same job a glider or rocker would do. She would zonk out. Plus, I convinced myself I was also getting some sort of ab/leg workout while doing that…. although, I’m not entirely sure that has any validity to it! 

HAIR TIES: If you’re pants still fit, they just won’t button… no need to spend money on those fancy belly bands, etc. Just use a hair tie and loop it through the hole and around the button and voila, your pants are held up all day. This has been my staple throughout both pregnancies to avoid unnecessary maternity clothing purchases.

GO-TO DRESS: Talk about comfort and chicness. I live in this dress. So easy to just throw on and go to work or head out for errands. It has fit through all sizes and seasons of this pregnancy. 

PORTABLE WATER BOTTLE: Since I can’t just throw the Yeti into my bag and take it with me everywhere, these are the next best option while I’m out and about. Also, if you're like me and tend to forget to take your prenatal vitamins... on a daily basis.... than also be sure to carry around some of these juices from Bundle Organics. They are delicious and packed full of all the nutrients you need! 

MATERNITY LEGGINGS: Different than just normal leggings. After a while, it’s a bit uncomfortable to have the top of them digging into the bottom of your belly. That’s why these are incredible as they go over the belly and are breathable and supportive.

SHEA BUTTER: Maybe it’s obvious, but I’m not a 6’5” model with thigh gap happening. Just not my reality. Maybe TMI, but with the heat combined with wearing dresses while living in a commuting city where I walk everywhere (some waddling later on in the third trimester), my inner thighs were rubbing together. The struggle is real, y'all. First, I quickly verified this was common to calm my fears of turning into Jessica Simpson pregnant, but also that a quick slab of shea butter on the inner thighs in the morning was a cure all. Phew. 

Also, and additional word of advice I've found extremely helpful this second time around is that stretching is imperative during the third trimester especially. I developed a small case of sciatic nerve pain on my right side and it rendered me nearly bedridden for a couple of days. I quickly made a massage appointment with a trained prenatal masseuse. If you're even on the fence, just do it! It literally got me back into fighting shape and then I had specific stretches to do every day to help keep everything working! 

Anything I missed that was a saving grace for you? Do share. I love hearing all the suggestions!