first trimester essentials pregnancy 

The first trimester can be a bit intimidating depending on how your body is reacting to this new foreign object taking up residency in your belly. For some, it’s full survival mode from day one and for others it’s just a matter of learning some new tricks to taking better care of yourself during these months. It doesn’t have to be like boot camp!  There are means available to make your changing body more comfortable. I don’t experience morning sickness, so I don’t have any of those specific remedies listed, but I do encounter a whole slew of other unique aches, pains and uncomfortableness. Especially since this isn't my first rodeo, all of the symptoms seemed to start almost immediately and in full force! 

When I was pregnant with Parker, I outlined my go-to's for that first trimester. Since then, I have definitely evolved in my taste for quality products, food and overall outlook on health, so I figured I’d make an updated list to share and outline what I used during my first trimester the second time around.

PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: Along with food aversions came the smell aversion thing too. For a few weeks in the beginning I can’t stand many smells, and well, I live in a very smelly city! So I carried a bottle of peppermint essential oil with me and would put a dab or two my ears to help mask odors.

PRENATAL DHA: Cause my doctor told me too. Also, omega-3 fatty acids are great for eye, brain and cardiovascular health.... so that's awesome. 

SNOOGLE: Still going strong. My husband may call it the ‘Great Wall of China’ for a marriage, but dang do I get some solid sleep with it. Sure, I may toss and turn and it slaps me in the face in the middle of the night, but thankfully no one else can see that happen. There’s also another option on the market now.

ZOE ORGANICS BELLY BUTTER + OIL: While I’m fairly certain most stretch mark issues can be more hereditary than an effect of not using enough moisturizer on your belly, you still need to take care of your skin as it grows and stretches. There’s no singular magic potion, but I use the oil during the day since it absorbs faster and the butter at night, like a hair mask, since it sets and conditions while I sleep. These puppies are all organic and contain clean ingredients!

LEGGINGS: I started showing a lot quicker this time around and found the need for comfortable lounge clothes, or 'comfies' as I call them, to be of the utmost necessity. (Additional options: 1 / 2 / 3)

YETI: No, not the sasquatch version you’re thinking of. If you live anywhere below the Mason Dixon line, than you probably already own a Yeti. They’re like the most bro-tastic accessory for anyone who loves tailgating and monogramming. So naturally, I got one for Christmas. Equipped to keep your drink either freezing cold or piping hot practically all day. Anywho, since overusing plastic bottles kills you these days or causes cancer or something, we’ve been die hard Yeti fans in our house. It’s nice to just have a super sized cup for water around so I don’t have to keep filling it up every 10 min since I’m constantly feeling thirsty. 

TRX: It’s the new SoulCycle for prenatal exercise, in my opinion. I do a combo of both now, but I’ve just really been on the TRX kick lately. You can even get a simple starter kit and do it from home! You’ll find me back in the SoulCycle classes when I literally can no longer lift myself anymore. My motivation? I just don’t want to look like Jessica Simpson when she was pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, girlfriend has the.most.amazing legs now, but I’d rather put some work in on this end so I don’t have to work that hard after the baby comes, ya feel me! 

CHAMOMILE & GINGER TEA: Really soothing before bed. Helped me wind down and was great to have on hand anytime my stomach was feeling weird. 

LARA BARS: I find that when I first wake up in the morning, I’m hungry to the point of feeling light-headed, weak and painfully tired. First, I chug a bunch of water and then I’ll nibble on half of a Lara Bar while getting ready, since I usually wait until I reach the office to actually eat a breakfast. This helps me not faint on a poor old man on the subway….. which actually happened once. Whoops and thanks for cushioning my fall! 

SMOOTHIES: When the food aversions hit and anything protein or green related looks like death, these are a great way to be sure you’re still getting your nutrients. I love my Ninja blender because it has the amazing single serve function and I can just throw things in and mix them together! 

RAINBOW LIGHT PRENATAL: Oh sure, I have to cut them up like a drug dealer in order to swallow them without choking to death, but I bought a huge bottle of them and needed to commit. Apparently I'm in the minority, as most people don't experience this issue! Since I’m a lot more conscience of what I put in my body now, I really gravitated towards these since they are food-based, vegan and easy to digest.