cuyana fashion leather bag

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the brand Cuyana by some friends out in California. They started small with just a few essential pieces and now they’ve expanded to everything from bags to scarves and shirts and even wallets. Everything is based around the motto of ‘fewer, better things’ and supports their company philosophy on the slow fashion movement. It’s like the farm-to-table of fashion…. the anti-Forever 21 scenario where you buy a trendy item without much thinking and the piece is easily discarded after a few wears. Very opposite of the general consumerism agenda in the US these days. And that’s refreshing!

cuyana best sellers cape leather tote

Sweater / Felt Hat / Scarf / Leather Pouch / Leather Tote / Cape 

Over the past year, I’ve really been trying to focus more on intentional buying habits. Before adding an item to my closet, I ask myself a few questions ranging from ‘Do I already own something similar to this?’, ‘Is this something I can wear with a variety of things I already own?’, ‘What’s the approximate cost per wear?’ and ‘Does this add value to my wardrobe?’. I’ve become very in touch with my inner voice of need vs want!

The great thing about Cuyana, is that I don’t have to overthink anything I buy from them because I know it’s the best of the best, will fit like a glove and will last forever. It’s nice when you can trust a brand and the quality you will receive from them. Their accessories are the perfect little gifts for any occasion, which is helpful if you’re still on the lookout for a Mother’s Day Gift y’all!

cuyana felt hat fall fashion

I just had to dedicate a blog post to this brand - that is how much I love them and their products! Join their “Lean Closet Movement” during the checkout process on their website and they will send you a reuseable bag to fill up with items you no longer want in your closet. You send those into them using their provided prepaid return shipping label and your donated clothing is given directly to women in need through their non-profit partner H.E.A.R.T (Helping Ease Abuse Related Trauma). Plus, Cuyana will give you a $10 credit towards your next purchase for the donation. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!