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Spring is in the air and everyone is emerging from their apartments with some extra skin showing these days. New Yorkers have this funny way of going from eight layers of bundle in 55°F to a spaghetti strapped mini dress the minute the city hits 60°F. It escalates quickly around these parts. I for one am glad that our hibernation season is almost over and I can see the sunshine filled park days ahead, and man oh man, does it look b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

ramy brook poncho cape
ramy brook spring fashion parker etc
white jeans spring fashion parker etc
white jeans spring fashion ramy brook
white jeans spring fashion 

Most recently, we have surpassed the halfway mark in this pregnancy and I’m pretty sure that every day at least ten new people (celebrities included) announce they are also pregnant. So, feeling really original and special over here. Also, I rarely ever see pregnant woman around the city and now that I’m sporting a bump, I see them everywhere and all.the.time. Did I miss the worldwide call for giving birth in 2016?

There also hasn’t been a shortage of embarrassing things people say to you once you’re pregnant. It’s probably one of my favorite parts, hands down. Like where do they even come up with this stuff? I just love it! My only wish is that I was friends in real life with Tina Fey so she could take them and then reenact them. If ever my life were a book on tape, I've always imagined Tina Fey narrating it. 

Current top fav is from our trip to Savannah. I was at the grocery store grabbing essentials for the house with some of the other ladies. As we went through the checkout a so so sweet and so so awkward and gangly teenage boy is bagging our groceries. The scene went something like this as the boy is handing off large bags of groceries to me to carry:

[All the ladies checking out in line at the grocery store]

Girlfriend: “No no, don’t carry those heavy bag of groceries Amy…. you’re pregnant.”

Me: “Seriously, I’m not frail bird and I’m like barely pregnant…. I got it!”

Boy (stops midway passing off groceries and stares at my belly blankly): “Oh sorry…. I mean, I wasn’t gonna call you fat….. but I knew something was wrong!”

[End Scene]

I know…. you’re also thinking, 'Really, did he just say that?'Yes. Yes, he did. And then he went about his grocery bagging like nothing was odd about that comment. I just scratched my head and said ‘Oh boy!’ and we giggled and walked out in amazement. So far all of the clumsy pregnancy comments had only happened in New York (the epicenter of crazy people), but now they have gone nationwide! Hooray! Make a note of that for the next episode of ‘People Say The Darndest Things’.

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