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Piggy backing off my most recent ‘Real Talk Real Moms’ post on play and activities for kids, it was only fitting to share my newest life hack discovery with you that encompasses both of those things perfectly!

Since I’m not super familiar with how signing your kid up for activities and classes goes in the suburbs, I can only speak for city life, and dang…. it’s no easy task. The city has every single possible class option you could imagine and it's overwhelming. The huge range is a plus, the ability to decide on what your child will actually like, and therefore what you should invest in, is the hard part. Also, I have total commitment issues since our weekend schedules change so frequently, I have always hesitated enrolling her in those semester long classes knowing she’d inevitably miss some.

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Then, in one of those moments of ‘why didn’t I think of that?’, I was introduced to the world of Sawyer. It’s a new online service dedicated to helping parents discover, schedule and book classes and activities for their kids in the easiest way possible. They have two options - $39 (for 2 classes) or $99 (for 6 classes) a month and you get access to a slew of classes around Manhattan and Brooklyn that you can just drop in with an hours notice. Their mobile friendly site allows you to book on the go or up to two weeks in advance. Freaking brilliant or what?! Flexibility is my jam and this just made my life a heck of a lot easier.

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Their roster is huge and it boasts some of the most recognized classes in the area including Carmello the Science Fellow, Super Soccer Stars, Private Picasso’s, Stomp & Shout and Recess Dumbo. I love this entire concept as it allows kids the chance to really explore the world around them and try out so many different experiences. Parker is currently in a stage of discovering all of these activities she can finally do on her own, like cooking and art projects and dance, and these classes allow her to tap into that creativity!

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After noticing she was insisting on helping to make her smoothies and lunches recently, I thought it might be fun to search Sawyer for a cooking class nearby that we could try out. Sure enough, we found one hosted by Allergic To Salad and had a blast! Also, there is seriously nothing cuter than watching little kids work with food!

If you live in NYC/Brooklyn and want to try out Sawyer, they have been so kind as to offer 20% off your first month subscription with code PARKER. Sign up here! Seriously, it’s worth it.

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