pregnancy announcement ideas 

It's a pretty sweet time between you, your husband and your family when you're in those early weeks of pregnancy and no one else in the world knows. You would think it was hard to keep it a secret, but in reality, this poor child has already experienced the effects of being #2. I kind of forgot some days that I was even pregnant. (Aside from the strong aversion to any scents/foods belonging to the poultry family.) Sorry kid and thank you BabyCenter for your notifications and emails and air horn alert noises that I'm unable to miss. 

Of course my doctor told me I wouldn't be able to keep it quiet for very long since you show much quicker with your second than you did your first. I immediately thought that was bogus since I didn't even start showing with Parker until around month five. There I was at nearly three months and it was very apparent that I was either pregnant or I had clearly just consumed way to much Chipotle the past few weeks. So, just want to thank the athlesiure trend for coming around and allowing me to wear workout pants all day, every day, with no shame. Also my penchant for buying oversized clothing came in handy when getting dressed for work. That, and scarves. Large scarves cover a multitude of sins. 

Thank you to everyone for the support and love on the announcement last week! I'm still in shock that it has been three years since we posted Parker's announcement, but I'm looking forward to diving into all the quirks, struggles and outfit planning that comes with pregnancy. Feel free to start imparting all of your wisdom on survival tips with two kids! 

best pregnancy announcement ideas

OUTFIT DETAILS :: Dress / Poncho (on sale!)

PARKER'S OUTFIT :: Jacket / Dress (worn as shirt) / Leggings (similiar) / Boots