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Remember that time I was talking about how convenient it has been to basically only own oversized clothes during this pregnancy? (either it’s “in style” or I just don’t know how to properly purchase clothes for myself) Well, here is example A. Since this is our second, my doctor told me that I’d be showing a whole lot sooner than the first time around. Excellent, I thought. The sooner the better so I can start awkwardly hovering my belly in front of people with prime seats on the subway. Nothing better than guilt tripping those punk kids playing video games to forfeit their seat. What I wasn’t anticipating was how quickly I would feel like I was showing, but in reality, how it plateaued for a longer period of time in that in-between stage. The stage where it just looks like you ate a ton of Chipotle for lunch and leads to absolutely no one offering their seat because they don’t pay attention to food babies.

spring maternity style 
maternity style all white outfit 

The in-between stage, or shall we refer to it as ‘food baby stage’, has been just lingering around like an unwanted relative at Christmas dinner. So much so, that it has caused me to forget I’m pregnant more often than I’m comfortable saying.

maternity style 
spring white outfit maternity

For instance --

1 // I still try to sleep on my stomach…. every night.

2 // In front of Eric at dinner, "Did I say vodka tonic? Shoot. I meant just tap water." 

3 // Pants a little tight? Hmmm, must’ve been that green smoothie. Fiber… just sneaks up on ya.

4 // That time I only purchased celery and mustard…. with every intention of using the mustard as a dip for the celery and thinking that was completely normal and even semi-appetizing. Gross. 

Someone please appoint themselves to remind me how great this stage actually is when I’m complaining about only being able to fit into moo-moo’s and garbage bags in July. Then I know I will think back nostalgically on the food baby stage with great fondness and regret ever talking crap about it behind its back. 

all white outfit inspiration 
all white spring outfit inspiration 

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