floral peonies 

Sharing some things, tidbits and to-do's that I found while crushing the internet blackhole this past week! It's a real gift I have. Just some things to peruse on your free time this weekend. Cheers!

  • Finally, a metallic backsplash done right. E would never ever in a million years agree to this, but maybe someday. I mean, it just makes your kitchen into a discoteca! 
diy kitchen backsplash how to 
  • Makeup bags are tricky - no one really ever sees them and they always end up with getting destroyed when your dark eyeshadow explodes all over the inside or you forget to put the cap on your eyeliner. But, these copper and marble ones from Renna Deluxe are affordable and too chic to pass up. 
travel cosmetic bags marble
  • Are these the sneakers of my dreams? It would sure appear so. I have this dangerous attraction to white sneakers, which is completely and utterly disastrous since A) I live in NYC and B) have a toddler. Tell me all the secrets to keeping your white sneakers looking so fresh and so clean clean! 
white sneakers new balance 


  • Any DIY that includes copper spray paint is my jam. Sign me up! There are an unhealthy amount of things I want to spray paint copper. If we had a dog, they would be nervous for sure. When I came across these chairs, it was love at first sight. I think a copper desk chair would be really sharp. 
diy copper spray paint chair
  • I'm always looking for easy, breezy and yummy appetizers to have on hand for when we host dinners or have people over for a drink. The crackers and cheese spread can get old, so these beautiful grilled avocado caprese crostini's look like what I'd pretty much eat all day, every day, if I could! 
caprese crostini recipe appetizer 
  • Again with this all white issue. I see this outfit and it makes me excited for Spring and longer days and sunshine and fresh flowers. It's a gamble to wear that much white at once in the city, but I'm just desperately looking forward to light jackets and breezy outfits! 
all white spring outfit fashion