personalized gift for kids 

We are avid book readers here in the Anderson household. My husband even likes to remind me about his first place win in something called the ‘Reading Olympics’ when he was a kid (#nerdalert) any chance he can get. He’s always loved books, where I learned to love them in college and am now a total book nerd. I devour them during my commute on the subway, read them in coffee shops when SS has fallen asleep while I’m out doing errands and thanks to the wonders of Kindle can even read one-handed while I’m nursing! Reading in general, whether it’s books or the newspaper or a magazine, is an incredibly educational experience at any age... and especially as a child.

personalized gift for kids lost my name book
personalized gift for kids 

I think we can all agree that there are good books and then there are great books, am I right?! Recently, my dad sent us a surprise package for Parker with a new book inside called ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Their Name’. Since that package arrived, we’ve read it because she’s so enthralled with the concept and plot!  And, honestly, so am I! Created by four dads/uncles, the book blends technology and original artwork to allow grown ups to build one-of-a-kind stories featuring their child’s name. You can choose the story’s main character’s name, gender and appearance, and include your own personal, dedication note inside too. The book tells the story of a child who wakes to realize they’ve lost their name, and sets off on a marvelous adventure to track down the missing letters. Each letter of their name informs the story and who they meet, and helps them get their name back. So for example, “Parker” goes on an adventure and is introduced to a Phoenix, Aardvark, Robot, Koala, Eagle and a Rabbit. The best part was the first time she opened the book and saw her name… her very own name! She was in awe and wonder over the idea of a book written especially for her. It’s such a brilliant idea and something she can keep forever. It’s not just any book, it’s a book she will have the rest of her life, because it’s her book. And I love that concept.

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This year, we’ve ordered these for pretty much every niece/nephew/friends with kids for the holidays as gifts (spoiler alert if I know you in real life!). They have been my saving grace for birthday presents for all of Parker’s friends too. It hits all of my kid gift requirements - personal, educational and adds value to a child’s library. They are super easy to order, but if you want them for holiday gifts this year, be sure to order by Dec. 15th! Feel free to use my code ‘parker10’ for 10% off your order at now or any other time you’d like, it’s not holiday specific.


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