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Gifts can be a hard thing for me sometimes. People probably think I’m terrible at giving them, but I have this thing against ‘stuff’ and I refuse to buy people things just for the sake of buying them something. So I usually end up overthinking holidays and birthdays because I want to give a gift that is practical, useful and something of need for the recipient and not just another coffee mug. For example, in lieu of toys and clothes, I asked family to get Parker gifts that offered her experiences - ballet classes, a trip to the train museum or tickets to The Nutcracker. Then I realized, I should do the same for people I need to get gifts for. Heck, that would make gift giving so much easier and so much more worthwhile! First up, the hardest person to shop for… your significant other! Why is that? I don’t know. One of the great mysteries of the world. But I bet every person will say their husband/wife/partner is the toughest person to buy for!

This year, with my new found love for gifts of experience, I knew exactly what to get Eric. So proud of myself… and I didn’t even wait until the last minute! We’ve been itching for solo time together since Sidney Sloane was born and when we do sneak in a date night or dinner alone, we usually end up staying in our immediate neighborhood so we aren’t paying a sitter while we sit on the subway. This was when I knew an Uber gift card was the way to go so we could easily get to/from our ideal date without worrying about subway delays or parking spots. Uber was a game changer when it launched in NYC. I remember the days of cash only taxis and drivers who would refuse to take you to Brooklyn. I was reminiscing with a friend recently about the olden days when I’d hail a cab to go home and would close the door, have my seatbelt on and ensure the car was in motion before I’d pipe up and say ‘Um… need to go to Brooklyn, please!’. This was usually met with some eye rolls and mumbles about how they wished they had never picked me up! You can bet we are avid Uber users nowadays.

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amy parker anderson parker etc

Since we do spend a lot of time with the kids in our neighborhood, we try to get out and explore other areas on our dates. One of our obvious favorites is Dumbo, as it’s close by and always a gorgeous destination. The Uber gift card was perfect to use as we were able to get there in 10 minutes, as opposed to waiting on the subway, which would’ve easily taken 30. So, maybe we’re not onto anything new here, but we’ve really been loving day dates recently and it seems to be easier with the kids schedules too. Eric decided we could go out for lunch, take a coffee break and walk around the waterfront. Really anything that gives us space and the ability to have a conversation without being interrupted by an explosive diaper, a toddler who wants to play non-stop or someone needing to work.

I’m such a fan of the cobble streets, the old warehouse buildings and the iconic views from Dumbo. We always make it a point to just wander around while we’re over there. My favorites spots include - Brooklyn Roasting, Atrium, West Elm, Vinegar Hill House, One Girl Cookies, Powerhouse Books and Modern Anthology.

amy parker anderson parker etc
amy parker anderson parker etc
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If you’re stuck trying to decide what to get a few people on your list this year, I’d suggest grabbing some Uber gift cards. I mean, who doesn’t use Uber these days?! You can easily purchase Uber gift cards online via Uber or Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Target.

*This post was sponsored by Uber, but opinions are always my own. As always, thanks for supporting brands that support this blog and my family*

Photos by: Steven Stauffer + Eric Ryan Anderson