thanksgiving table decor easy

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve got no time for all the frills of a fancy Thanksgiving tablescape. There were years (read: prior to having kids) that I could easily whip together an over-the-top, in-your-face, spectacularly show-stopping table decor. Where did those days go? Well, out the window once babies entered the mix… along with my Beyonce hair and the ability to have personal space to recover from a hangover. But we’ve got to make do with what we’ve got and the time we have. So, I present to you….. ‘The Two-Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape!’

easy thanksgiving table decor
easy thanksgiving table decoration 

It is to be noted that I derived inspiration for this from my mama friend Anna of In Honor Of Design. So, don’t throw me any extra credit as I merely just mixed up the elements and loved it so much that I just felt it necessary to share so others can benefit from this chic table decor.

It’s beyond simple! Just feel free to mix and match different sized pumpkins, move things around and keeping adding in eucalyptus until it fits your mood. In my opinion, more is more is more! So really, you can’t go wrong with how large or small you want this piece to be. It’s very customizable to your particular table. Do note, I couldn’t find any medium sized pumpkins that weren’t just straight up orange, so I did paint mine that grey/slate color you see in the photos. You could keep yours orange if you feel, but I wanted mine to be a bit more muted.

I suggest starting with the pumpkins placement, then add in the artichokes and finalize it all with your floral pieces. You can use eucalyptus like I did or even another green option like sage or olive branches. 

thanksgiving table decoration easy