#whatuluv luvs diapers party

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about these first months of motherhood, it’s to find your fellow new mama crew and just spend time together. This is imperative and the list of reasons why is long! I’m thankful to have dear friends close by that have had babies around the same time I have, and that makes such a difference. Having fellow moms to process things with, share stories or frustrations with and just pass time during the day with allows for a smoother transition into this new season. Here’s the thing, the first months (and weeks especially) aren’t very glamorous and you’re mainly homebound with the new baby trying to figure out sleep stuff, nursing stuff, how to make a sandwich and hold a baby at the same time stuff. So, why not just do that in the company of others trying to do the same thing so you can each help a sister out! It’s true what they say about time with kids…. ‘The days are long, but the years fly by.’

#whatuluv luvs diaper party 
luvs diapers whatuluv party
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In my experience, the days go faster when you’re in the company of others. I’ve found it’s healthy for my postpartum mental recovery and forces you to get out of the house, have a conversation with someone that can actually speak back to you and relax in a safe place to voice any parenting questions so you aren’t relying on the internet mom boards (those places can be affirming and frightening at the same time!). I’ve been so lucky to know these women prior to our ventures into motherhood, but that’s not required to have a new mom circle, there are definitely groups you can search for online or start one of your own and get to know others in your neighborhood. Even if it’s to get together to just go on walks or I find gathering at someone’s house is easiest for differing nap times, feeding times, etc.

luvs diaper party

At our most recent hang out, I got the chance to throw the mom’s a little party in partnership with Luvs. I need no excuse to whip together a giant cheese board, but it was nice to fancy up our weekly gathering! Between the three of us, we are quite experienced in all things relating to diapers, but moms are always on the lookout for quality products that give them more bang for their buck. Fun facts: Luvs is the preferred diaper for second time parents with a savings of up to $150 a year over other brands and stands behind their product so strongly that they offer a money back guarantee if you are in any way unhappy with their performance. That’s pretty legit. You want to rejoice when your babies sleep through the night, now worry if they will wake because of a wet and leaky diaper! Luvs was also so sweet to provide little goodie bags for everyone that included their very own Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™ diapers, sippy cups and fun swag for the kiddos! 


*This post was sponsored by Luvs, but opinions are always my own. Thanks for supporting brands that support this blog and my family*