If you're like me, once the weather changes, I have completely forgotten what I used to wear when it was chilly (or vice versa in the summer). It helps to have some visual references in the morning so I can remember what life was like before the sweltering heat of summer. I think we can safely say we experienced our last day in the 70's here in NYC last week and now we are officially moving towards the mild days and chilly nights. I love layering, mixing and matching fabrics and prints and bundling up!

I've complied a few of my favorite current outfit inspirations that I've had posted up in my closet - yes, I'm still old school and print out, cut out and tape to my wall outfit inspiration to look at when I just can't seem to decide what to wear..... which is every dang morning! It's what I assume life was like pre-Pinterest. Plus, I find doing this helps alleviate the 'I have nothing to wear' complaint, because you do, you just need to be creative and work with what you've got!  At the bottom, I've linked to some affordable options for a few of the key items in these photos that will help pull together some looks!