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I know what you're thinking.... you've never seen me in anything remotely pink in my life. I know. I really haven't either.  It's not that I don't like colorful things, it just creates such a loud statement in a city where the main color schemes are black, grey, black, camel and black colored clothing. Which I do actually prefer. Frankly, it looks like I'm welcoming spring more than the first days of fall in this dress. 

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There I was, just roaming around my favorite store as of late - & Other Stories - and this dress.... the amazingly tailored dress with the sophisticated high neck and pencil skirt shape just struck me. Then as I reached to pull it off the rack..... kaboom, there is was..... the cut out back. I knew love existed at that moment, because I knew this dress was my soulmate. Business in the front, party in the back. 

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brooklyn lifestyle blogger, amy parker anderson, parker etc, summer fashion dress

Not only does this dress have surprise details like pockets (hooray!) and the gem like buttons at the back of the neck, but the way it drapes in the front by the arms is just a dream. I knew this was a unique, but classic, dress that I could wear to a number of different occasions. Mainly if you see me at any weddings in the next six months, I'll likely be wearing this dress. I tend to just designate one dress as the 'go-to wedding/baby shower/wedding shower/bachelorette dress' for a season so I don't have to think about it for every event. Lazy or practical?

& other stories dress, amy parker anderson, parker etc, how to wear a pencil skirt, spring fashion trends

The race is on to get some quality time in with all of my favorite summer-ish pieces before the full on cold weather sets in. I'm just dying to bring out all of the fall things.... all of them. Everything fall is about to explode in my apartment. But, until then..... these warm weather staples will get their last days to shine. 

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Outfit Details :: Dress / Shoes (similar) / Scarf (super old, but loving these: one, two, three)