Marius Haverkamp warehouse loft tour

The beauty of living in an open loft space is that you basically have a blank canvas without a lot of restrictions. The worst part about living in a loft is that you have a blank canvas with no outlined spaces. It's both the appeal and the burden of loft living. You need a vision. 

Because of this, I am constantly down a Pinterest black hole of loft style interior inspiration. A constant comparison of how to best utilize your space in an orderly fashion that flows well. Previously, my biggest struggles were creating division and sufficient storage that doesn't make the space look cluttered.... as loft spaces can easily appear with lack of built in closets. etc. 

marius haverkamp loft warehouse

When the pictures of Marius Haverkamp's loft popped up during my black hole excursion one day, I just didn't even know what to say. I just wanted to lean back in my desk chair and start slow clapping as I looked at each interior photo. 

marius haverkamp loft
marius haverkamp loft

Located in Amsterdam, this old warehouse has been beautifully and meticulously renovated into a family home for Marius, his wife, Emily, and their children. Marius is an interior design and Emily just so happens to be the owner of Gray Label. A kids clothing line for the organic minimalist. Lucky kids. 

toddler tee pee marius haverkamp loft
marius haverkamp loft warehouse

Can you even imagine how whimsical and dreamy it would be to have dinner at that table? Or to cook dinner with the evening sun cascading in through the massive floor to ceiling windows?! Natural light envy, anyone? The chandelier was a wedding present.... I mean, come on! 

marius haverkamp courtyard

Marius and Emily have done a beautiful job combining cozy living areas amongst gorgeous antiques and one of a kind furniture and art pieces. I've always felt like antiques and quirky pieces fit best in industrial spaces. I love the mix of modern, industrial and antique in this home.  

marius haverkamp loft
marius haverkamp loft home office

I really feel like it goes to show that if you have good taste in design, you can really mix and match a number of styles and it will work. If you love antiques, it doesn't mean you can't live in a modern space. Or that you have to compromise comfort and that homey feeling in a loft. They have really brought it all together and have done so beautifully!  

marius haverkamp loft kitchen brick farm table

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