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I'm going to be real honest and say that I thought yesterday was Friday, which is the really crappy end of the stick on how weekday mixups could go. Always better when it feels like a Tuesday, but it's really Thursday. Never the other way around. So here I am, with a whole extra day before the weekend and it feels like I'm waiting for the end of the day bell to ring at school. 

Last weekend, I took a very quick trip to Texas for a dear friend's birthday extravaganza and so now I feel as if I haven't had a true weekend in... well.. a couple of weeks. I'm ready to relax, have a picnic in the park with my family and take Parker to the playground and sip on a decaf coffee and pretend it's a real coffee. If you're looking for me this weekend - you'll find me here

Few things from around the interwebs I found interesting ::  

- So I did it. I finally broke down and bought what I thought I would never buy. With our upcoming Italy trip, I just had to come to terms with the fact that they really are my best option. As much as the metallic was calling my name (I mean, come one.... I'm a sucker for it), I decided to go with the classic option with a hint of gold. 

- It's hairstyles like these that make me wish I still had longer hair. Then I remember how lazy I am at washing it and the despair in my eyes when I have to blow-dry it..... but I mean, I love braids and this tutorial is just so on point (and how cute is Anna!). I should also mention that I actually have no coordination to braid my own hair. But this inspires me too! 

- Are you a GIF fanatic? Well, then this is some very very good news for you. 

- Need to really take your sandwich game up a notch? Three words for you - avocado basil aioli. If hummus is the new ketchup, this is the new hummus. And my belly is pretty excited about that. 

- Speaking of food, I've been a follower of Sunday Suppers for years now and am really excited about their new adventure,  ILĀ. It's a collection of essential ingredients for your home and kitchen that have been carefully sourced from farms, purveyors and artisans around the globe. Doesn't hurt that the packaging is oh so dreamy. They currently have a Kickstarter going on - so be sure to check that out. 

- Need a good end of summer read? I just finished 'And The Mountains Echoed' by the author of 'The Kite Runner'. I was skeptical at the beginning and it took a chapter or so to really get into it and then BAM. I should've never doubted Khaled. He wrote 'Kite Runner' for crying out loud. But this book really had me in awe over his ability to write a mix of interlocking stories and use such true and honest examples of humanity, our inner thoughts and things I'd never know how to articulate... he does. This book is really powerful. Read it. 

- In case you missed it - we launched our 'Real Talk Real Moms' series last week to overwhelming positive response! Our first topic was on sleep and it was so interesting to read everyone's individual experience and current dilemmas, tips and tricks with their sleep, their kids sleep, etc. Be sure to check out my post here and see the links to all the other fabulous mama's at the bottom.  #realtalkseries


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