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Since the beginning of 2015, Eric and I have been pondering over a big trip to take together. But where? We knew we wanted to do something European and for more than a few days. We wanted somewhere both distinctive and cultural. After great deliberation and procrastination..... we finally decided on Italy! Nothing beats the rush of buying plane tickets three weeks out from a trip. And if you've been on any social media channels the past 6 months, it's apparently the place where everyone else and their mom has been visiting this year. I mean, it's kind of funny at this point. Every other photo on my Instagram feed has been geotagged from somewhere in Italy. So maybe that subliminal marketing worked. 

I was really fortunate growing up and my high school took these like three week long trips to Europe every other summer. When I think back on it, it was actually incredibly unsupervised, but some of the most educational and formative weeks of my teenage years. I knew how to make Limoncello before I had a driver's license. Between the ages of 15-18, I covered a vast majority of hot spots and historical landmarks, most of which I can still recall like it was yesterday, but it was all with a wonderful guide and teachers who did all the hard work, ticket buying, hotel booking, etc for us. It was also what probably planted the travel bug in me. During college I moved to London and was basically a frequent flyer of Ryan Air every weekend. All this to say, I've always been a great explorer and the first to jump on a last minute plane overseas. But that also feels like a different lifetime and was also all without Eric and all without being a (fake it til you make it) adult who has to really plan and map out everything for the trip on their own! 

guide to florence italy

We are flying into Florence, than making our way down the Amalfi Coast and then onwards to Rome. A little bit of small town a little bit of beach and then ending with the big stuff! This trip is going to feel like a completely different experience, like I'm seeing it all for the first time again, and I love exploring with Eric. I'm also a bit nervous as it's the first time I'll be away from Parker for more than three or four days. We've taken some small trips here and there without her, but this one is by far the longest and farthest away we will be going. It gives me a minor panic attack if I think about it too much! 

Since everyone has been taking in the sights of Italy recently, we would love recommendations for must-see places, secret tips on skipping museum lines, best food/drink/coffee, secret hole in the wall places you stumbled upon and loved? We want to know it all! If you've visited any of those cities/areas recently and had a great Airbnb, hotel, wine tour, favorite shopping spot - share it! I'm all ears! 

Also, mama's... any tips on preparing myself to be separated by a large ocean from baby girl? I will desperately need those too! 


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