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Let me start by saying there are days I still don't believe I'm old enough to have a child... of my own... let alone one that is now officially two years old and can be classified as a toddler. When do you ever officially start to feel like an adult? You know that feeling where you still never view yourself as older than like 18? Just me? Okay, cool. 

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Last year, for the big O-N-E year birthday party, we went ALL out. I invited everyone in the city of New York to come celebrate the fact that we, not only had a child, but that we had kept her alive for a year. And it was a joyful day indeed and Parker felt so loved and we felt so supported and there was lots of champagne. I love huge celebrations, and there is a time and a place for them, when the occasion calls for it. First birthday = we really did it, let's go big or go home. Second birthday = I'm exhausted, let's just keep it intimate. 

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Since this is likely the last year where I get to decide how the party is decorated with no opinions from the peanut gallery and nothing princess oriented, I decided to stick with a simple and chic (also known as lazy and easy) vibe of deep burgundy and rose colored flowers and gold everything. Cause those are my go-to's for all parties, I figured it would make things easy to pull together in a time crunch. Thanks to Paperless Post, I was even able to find a perfectly corresponding invite that most definitely said 'all the flowers and gold in the world'. I love when all the aspects of a party are cohesive. (Also see: Type-A Party Planner)

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floral diy party decorations parker etc amy parker anderson

My strength is pouring champagne. My weak link is flowers. I love to buy them, smell them and pretend I can put them together in a vase. But really, it just looks sad and amateur. So my dear friend Sarah, who not only works at Google but also has this side skill called badass floral arranging, stepped in to keep things up to par. Some people just get to have allllll the skill sets, ya know. I point this out because anything floral oriented, I take no credit for..... oh, besides the cut out paper ones taped to the wall.... now those are my doing with the help of my mother-in-law! And I'll be sharing a step-by-step DIY on how to make a floral wall for yourself later this week. My vision was complete with a bushel of gold balloons covering the ceiling and also serving as endless entertainment for anyone under the age of 5. 

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What can I say? Two years in and it's a sweet place to be. Imagine living with a parrot. That's what my daily life is with Parker. She has her own language and her brain is a tiny sponge to all the things going on around her.... and then she just turns around and repeats everything. Don't know what that's like? Here's an example; Woman behind us talking to her friend on the plane last month: 'Nancy is such a b*tch!'. Parker repeats: "Wancyyy is swuch ah beeech". Me: mortified and melting into my seat (laughing on the inside). Thus, the life of a mother with a toddler in a nutshell. 

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I've found my groove and confidence in parenting this past year. For now, it's exhausting in different ways than a newborn, but a bit smoother since we can semi-communicate in broken English, sign language and authoritative babble. The same way my heart would explode when she like giggled for the first time, now happens when she holds out her arms as wide as they can go and says 'I wuv you dis much mama'. 'Easier' would never be a term I would use, as there will always be struggles at every age and stage of parenting, they just evolve as your child grows. But happier? I didn't know this level of happy existed before she arrived! 

diy gold cake topper flower cake wedding backdrop diy flowers amy parker anderson parker etc

Happy Birthday Parker! We love you so so very much! And thank you to all who came to celebrate this sweet girl! xx



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