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With the long weekend in full swing, we're all looking forward to some lazy and long afternoons by some body of water - pool/lake/ocean/kiddie pool. I've taken the liberty of gathering some articles and sale announcements for your reading and viewing enjoyment. These should help pass the time while you're waiting for your hot dogs to finish grilling! 

- Did you know there is an art to how you put together your 'To-Do' list? I mean, part of the challenge is actually putting together the list, so we can't be that hard on ourselves when only half of it ever gets done. Fast Company rounded up some experts and have dished out advice on how to build the ultimate to-do list! 

- If only we had known at the time the $10K that could've been in our future, maybe we would've chosen Quinoa Anderson as the name of our child. If anyone actually goes through with this, I want to shake their hand. 

- I found this article about Amy Smilovic, the founder of Tibi, and how she has positioned and transformed her fashion line to withstand the current fast-fashion movement. A real testament to staying true to your brand. 

- On the hunt for the perfect weekend cocktail? Look no further. This one is the perfectly refreshing outdoor drink you will want around this weekend. You just may need access to a fully stocked bar to actually make it..... but be open to interpreting a version of your own! 

- Being half Texan, I was just as outraged as the rest of the guacamole loving world when the NY Times tweeted a recipe altering suggestion... and merely wrote 'trust us'. Apparently, all of America, and President Obama included, do not trust them. Lesson learned NYT... keep the guac as God himself intended. 

- It's true, I can't help but also giggle when I see groups of people using selfie sticks. But banned from music festivals and theme parks? That can't last. They are destined to take over the world. 

- The past five years, I've really accepted my pale skin. As you should too! Would I love for my legs to not look like translucent appendages? Sure. But, I also want to look like a babe when I'm 60. Nothing is the opposite of babe like wrinkles, sun spots and damaged skin. Here are a few natural sunscreens to keep on hand for your family and apply liberally! Cleaner and more natural sunscreens are the way to go, cause what's the point of blocking out skin cancer if you're just lathering chemicals into your body, ya know?! 

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  ** It's that time again - holiday weekend sales. I really prefer to only shop during sales! ** 

GAP :: Up to 50% off summer sale. My favorites include this dress with these shoes and this bag

REBECCA MINKOFF :: I collect purses and Mrs. Minkoff makes some of the best along with an extensive line of clothing, shoes and accessories as well. My picks (besides basically just saying the entire sale section) would be this weekender bag, this backpack, these booties (obviously) and this sandal

OLD NAVY :: Obviously one of my favorites for simple kids stuff and some pieces for myself as well. This weekend you save 40% on all online orders.  Parker lives in theses tank tops for afternoons at the playground and this dress is too sweet to pass up! For me, I love this linen blazer, this easy maxi dress and this jumpsuit

LOFT :: I know, not just for your mom anymore. They've got some really great stuff! My picks would be this maxi, this classy romper, some adult overalls and these super beachy pants