diy floral wall backdrop 

Budget friendly party ideas..... I just love them and the brilliantly crafty people who think of them. Without them, I may never have some of the best last minute decorations like the one above. Here's my things with party decorations... I need them to be cheap, easy and made with common materials. Nothing too fancy that I can't just order on Amazon or grab it at the art store. 

For Parker's birthday, I knew the theme was floral and gold, but I had basically zero inspiration and wasn't sure how to give it a unique flare. So, into the Pinterest hole I went. I freaking love a good Pinterest binge, especially now that they show all the 'similar' photos below the main one you are looking at. I can get like 20 photo sets deep in a matter of minutes. 

I came across a few awesome backdrops, like this one, this gorgeous one with hanging flowers and obviously this one. First thought was that I don't have floral skills and second was that I don't have a ten thousand dollar floral budget for a two year olds birthday party. This isn't the Kardashian house. So, with some more Pinterest digging, I finally came across the poor man's floral wall backdrop! They have a fancy version of this DIY while mine is a bit more of the lazy girls version. But I take no credit, I got this entire idea from those gals! You'll need around $20 big ones and a couple hours time, depending on how big of a wall you want to cover.

diy floral backdrop


Scissors / Heavy Cardstock / Wasabi Tape / Painters Tape / Printer 

floral party decorations
dana tanamachi chalk wall


1. Download this PDF and scan through the floral photos. I didn't want all of them, but I picked out the ones I felt would look best with my wall and only printed those pages. 

2. Take a seat and get to cutting. Don't be too meticulous. You can tell by mine that they weren't cut out perfectly. There's some white sticking out around them and I liked that look. It also helped that the wall they were on was white. I cut really closet to the stems to keep those slim and neat looking, but was liberal and lazy with the cutting around the actual flower head. 

3. Add a friend (I had my mother-in-law helping) and you'll get it done in about an hour. 

diy floral back drop wedding

4. Organize the flowers by type so you can easily mix and match as you're putting the wall together. 

5. Use the painters tape on the back of the flowers to adhere them to the wall. Then you can use a piece of gold wasabi tape at the bottom of the flower. The wasabi is merely decoration and won't hold the flower to the wall on it's own. 

6. I started with the larger dark pink flowers and used those as my anchors for the backdrop. I put them in the spots I wanted to help sort of outline and help me visualize the overall shape. I didn't want it to be a perfect square, but a bit more organic. Then I went in and added the second biggest pink flowers to their spots. If you want greenery, I did the larger green leaves third to be sure they were getting some love and attention. And also to be sure things would be balanced. The smaller flowers and greenery went in last to sort of fill in the spots. Pretty similar to how you would put together a flower arrangement in a vase!  

floral wall diy party 
diy floral wall backdrop wedding

Now that it's finished, start snapping some pics - you'll love how it looks!