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I've realized that one of my favorites things is gathering groups of people together over a shared interest or common goal. It's really such a fun way to meet new folks and learn new stuff. And let me tell you, as I've gotten older, I have more of a desire to learn and acquire knowledge.  What's really neat though about this time in our lives..... is there are so many channels now that offer to teach you new skill sets, help you master a new craft, take a crash course in building a small business and so on. We live in a time where there are so options on how we can digest and consume these seminars and teachings. 

If you're like me, you're a visual and hands on learner. Give me a book on tape and I will zone out and not be able to recite a lick of what was read to me. I need tangible and real life examples in order to retain facts or new skills. This is where workshops and my love for gathering have merged into one being. There are so many things I want to learn and instead of waiting for these classes to be created, I decided to help create them. I've partnered with my friend Kelsea of East Olivia to create a little workshop network titled 'Cultivate NYC'.  She brought the idea to brainstorm to me nearly six months ago and we're excited to offer our first workshop! We just loved the idea behind the word 'cultivate' - to foster the growth of; to improve by labor, care or study; to try and win the friendship or favor of. The last part is basically a fancy way of saying 'to make friends' written in Merriam-Webster's terms. If for nothing else, you should come just to ask Kelsea how she maintains such Beyonce worthy locks. Her hair game is on point all.the.time! Want proof? Just look at her blog on her website. 

All of this rambling is to bring us to the point here where I tell you about the details of our magnificent first workshop. What a better way to kick off summer than learning the art of floral arrangements! Brandy Cerny of Lulamoss is going to share her knowledge of how and where to purchase flowers (which can be tricky here in NYC) and break down the basics of selecting a color palette, as well as, teach us the best practices for general floral care. I'm a notorious plant killer, so that last part is what I'm most looking forward too!  We'll be enjoying snacks and cocktails on a gorgeous Manhattan roof deck.... which is probably the best way I could imagine spending my Sunday. 


Sunday - June 28th

2:00 - 5:00pm

Tickets: available here


Hope you can join us! It's sure to be a splendid time. Also, if you have any specific workshops you'd like to see us put together, let me know. We always love to hear what others want to learn about!