When was the last time you were that excited over snow? This weekend we are holing up inside, making some chili and likely diving into some 'Better Call Saul'. I still can't let go of 'Breaking Bad', so hopefully this helps to fill that void in my life. Here are some links to pass the time and keep you updated on this weeks happenings! 


You have no idea how many people my belly would nearly hit in the face on the subway and they would continue reading their book and never offer their seat. It’s fine, I obviously survived. But I have also been on the other end where you see a woman board the train and you think ‘Is she? Or, isn’t she?’. We all know the embarrassing route it can take if she isn’t. Luckily, these cheeky little buggers can now clear that up for you right away! Expecting mama’s who use public transportation….. get yourself one of these!

It’s the ‘Who Wore It Best’ in the advertising world featuring the #thedress. You know… that one that has literally taken over the world. #teamwhiteandgold

Ever scroll through Instagram and realize you need to book a hotel room? You can now use the app to book yourself a room on the go. 

Never underestimate the power of your influence on others, especially our children, and those in our community. Get ready for some tears with that video.

If I added up the hours I have to spend washing dishes (a dishwasher in the city is a top tier luxury) it would likely make me exhausted just counting. Now, there may be some reasoning behind the benefits to washing your dishes versus using them fancy machines.

I know we all love a good interior, but let’s not forget its equally drool worthy sidekick, the exterior. I've been trying to show it some love lately.