We are diving back into my top picks for The Quality List. I guess they really aren’t ‘top’ as it’s an ongoing list, but we are back in the groove of it. So, let’s get our groove on with COS, or Collection of Style, which is a sister company to H&M and finally launched recently online in the US. Word on the street is that a New York store is in the works to open next week on Spring. Next week! Things never happen that fast. For those of us who love luxe-looking basics without the strain on the wallet, this is going to be a game changer for us!

They have a very classic design, but with a modern edge to the pieces. Lots of textures and minimal color. They pretty much make the 'New York uniform'. They consider themselves to be the the one stop shop for ‘high end design and good quality at an affordable price'. When I see their collection, I think Zara meets Vince. Everything is very very clean, but so chic and anything but boring.

I've selected a few of my personal note-worthy pieces, (shocking, they are all mostly black) but there's just so much available. That's another part of the line that I like, you sometimes find with quality labels that their selections are so minimal. One t-shirt here, two pairs of pants there. But this line has a crazy amount of options that range from casual to cocktail. It's just all so incredibly sleek!

Cotton t-shirts start at just $25 and structured statement piece dresses are $129. Bonus is they have some uber fancy kids stuff and it is a bit above what i usually pay for P's frolic around in clothes, but on those special holiday occasions, they have some unique and beautiful options. And everyone loves options!

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