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What a year it has been, yeah? Before we ring in the new year, E and I like to take a night out to sit and assess the past twelve months. It’s like, our thing. We also do it on birthdays. We do this every year and it never ceases to amaze us how much we can fit into fifty-two short weeks. It’s easy these days, more than ever, to feel like you just aren’t doing enough. I promise if you look at all you put into the last year, you’d be amazed at everything you’ve accomplished. This helps to give us perspective and gratitude for another fulfilling year added to the books. We’ve come to realize that things this year looked a little different than the year before which looked a heck of a lot different than the year before that (thanks, parker mae). But as each ball drops, I’m continuously looking forward to everything that lies ahead.

Just as much as we like to reflect back on the year, we also challenge each other to speak out loud a goal they’d like to see happen in the next. While I’m happy to speak them, I’m not quite ready to commit them to paper here on the world wide web….. I may as well get them tattooed on me at that point. For now, let’s just reflect back on the highlights of the past year. Know that everything in my being wanted to make a cheesyslideshow with photos that fade into the next and some instrumental version of the ‘Graduation’ song by Vitamin C to be playing in the background…. but I decided not to take away any street cred this blog still clings too.


Thank you 2014 for……

1:: Really feeling like I’ve settled into this whole ‘mom-gig’. As with anything new, it takes some time to get the hang of it, but with motherhood, everything just keeps changing as they grow older. But your confidence grows, and this year, I felt mine really flourish.

2 :: A handful of features in Instyle, People and People Stylewatch ran throughout the year. This mama’s still got it going on!

3:: We successfully took an infant/toddler on 12+ flights, two trains and at least 8 road trips with minimal casualties, breakdowns (by either the infant or the adults) and eye glares from fellow passengers.

4:: Hosted my first workshop with a dear friend here in Brooklyn. It was one of my favorite days.

5:: Took a staycation with E at the Ace Hotel in New York, the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, the Belmont and theStoneleigh, which are both in Dallas. Fellow parents, staycations are the jam. Treat yourself to them! #kidfree

6 :: Turned, gulp, twenty-nine. And wrote about it here. I also celebrated two years at the most wonderful company a gal could work at. This also marked my fourth year as an Anderson.

7:: I was invited to attend the Sweet Paul Makerie Retreat. I literally got to just make awesome things while being instructed by super legit craftsmen for two days straight. Heaven, was that you?

8:: My baby turned one. I cried (a lot) and then did the only rational thing I know how to do….. I threw her one hell of a birthday party. (Let’s be honest, the party was to celebrate the fact that we kept a child alive for a year. She won’t remember.)

9:: We continued to create our family narrative with Parker. We spent hundreds of hours snuggling and giggling in bed, we took her upstate for our annual apple picking trip and she went on her first hike, we took her to see my hometown and our family store, she saw the ocean for the first time and one of the great lakes, she met both of her great-grandmothers and learned to say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’..... oh, and she took her first steps on E’s birthday!

10:: For the first time in my adult years, I was able to really step away, take some time and be quiet and still and enjoy doing nothing. I have never been good at having free time or taking a sabbath. It’s a necessary thing to do and I feel it has allowed me to be better at all the other things in my life because I’ve learned to take time to ‘do nothing’.