I'm all for a mix of cheaper and quality baby clothing. Let's be honest, they wear it for one season, outgrow it or destroy it by smearing raspberries all over themselves. When deciding what pieces to invest in for kids, I always say accessories are the place. Those are things that can grow with them and aren't just a piece you buy for that one wedding you take them too and never put them in again. 

When Parker was born, I got that fear that given her name and my choice to dress her in grey/black/white combos, people might look at her and think 'boy or girl'? Hey, it happens. I've called a boy baby a girl and it's kind of one of the more awkward things I've ever personally experienced. I like watching people try to back step after choosing the wrong gender to address your baby. Just a mumbling train wreck. 


What was my questionable gender solution? Headbands! And not that kind that make you think their kid is a part of an Anne Geddes photo shoot .  The kind that are subtle and cute and easy to wash and go with everything... and the list goes on. Finding Little Hip Squeaks was like finding my beacon of hope. Plus, founder Amy Richardson, has a had a solid start to what will surely become a world dominating brand, at the rate she's moving. What started as a side project to distract her during pregnancy, Amy began making newborn hats at her kitchen table right here in Brooklyn. Now, she has employees and runs a full-time business. She's a legit boss lady. 

Now, she not only makes headbands but leggings, blankets, onesies and booties. Whenever anyone asks what the perfect baby shower gift for a girl would be, these are my answer. You can buy the headbands in packs of three and there are constantly new color combinations coming out. Every mother will get good wear of them, they are useful and cute and a unique present option.