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Another year has come and gone and what do I have to show for it? Well, a fully functioning two year old, a roof over our heads and these sequins pants.... which are quite possibly the best purchase I made all year. From the moment I saw them, I just knew we'd have so many fun nights ahead of us. They basically mesmerized me like a disco ball. 

new years eve outfit sequins pants
sequins pants outfit holiday party

There's a lot to the life and story of these pants. Not only was it basically serendipitous that the pants and I found each other late last April, we met at the best thrift store in the city to find fancy things at a discount - Housing Works. Which means, I got them for a serious bargain. Like $30 bargain. Good thing too since it's really only respectable to wear them like six weeks of the year (Nov. - Jan. ). After that, it's just a bit odd to have on that much sequins in public outside of the general holiday months. 

sequins pants outfit new years 
best new years eve outfits sequin pant
how to wear sequin pants outfit

As if the discovery of them wasn't grand enough, as I went to try them on, the realization occurred.... they have a drawstring top. You know what that means? I could eat Thanksgiving dinner in these puppies. They are like sweatpants covered in sequins. Well, weighted sweatpants. My legs kind of get a workout with them on. So I guess that is also a bonus. 

sequin party pants holiday outfit
sequin pants holiday outfit 

With their arrival into my life, I could barely contain my excitement for holiday parties.... that were seven months later. Here's the hard truth about sequins pants.... they are loud. Like, really loud. I'm all for a solid statement piece, but sequins pants can get a bit 'Vegas Clubbin' real fast. How to wear them in a polished manner was a bit of a conundrum for weeks. Finally, I found my inspiration.  Helpful, cause they are literally the same pants. I love how the top half combo of a sweater and jacket helped tone-down the bottom half a few notches. I started referring to this as my 'mullet outfit'.... business on the top, party on the bottom. That, and I had both of a blazer and grey sweater in my closet already, so that's always helpful. 

sequin pants outfit holiday fashion

Hope everyone has exciting plans to ring in the New Year! Be safe and enjoy some bubbly!  

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