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Let’s make a list of the best things ever created, okay? Okay. Here it is:

1/ Christmas 2/ the Hudson Valley 3/ Parker Mae 4/ Holiday Themed Everything 5/ Apple Cider Donuts 6/ Christmas Music and 7/ Parker Mae surrounded by all things Christmas. 

Literally the morning after Thanksgiving, I’m like ‘Peace out Turkey, it’s Christmas time!’ and beg Eric to help me shlep the largest tree I can possibly find back to our apartment so I can decorate it THAT DAY. Since we usually head to Texas pretty early for the holidays, we like to get as much time as possible in a home fully decked out in Christmas decorations. Since I have zero patience when it comes to waiting on a tree, we usually just head down to the local tree markets that pop up in the city during this season and claim our new greenery.  

apple cider donut

With Eric’s parents and sister in town this year for Thanksgiving, we wanted to really make a day of it and try our hand at cutting down our own tree. I, for one, am not much of an outdoorsman myself so my motivation was geared more towards listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas Pandora station in the car, apple cider consumption and getting to watch Parker pick out a tree.

holiday christmas outfit

Since we’ve been focusing a lot more on building a family narrative (discussed more here), this was a no-brainer. Similar to the apple picking excursion, we drove up to the Hudson Valley, grabbed our tree (I named him Alfred) and then spent the remainder of the day shopping on Main Street in Nyack and having the most delicious lunch at a local spot my sister-in-law found. You know when everything in the day just goes right? This was one of those days. I kept waiting for something, like apocalyptic-style traffic getting back into the city or a nap refusing toddler, to make me want to shake my fist at the universe…… but everything just fell into place perfectly the whole day. That never happens. Especially when babies are involved. It was weirdly awesome.

holiday christmas tree farm festive 

We got home, decorated the tree, watched a Christmas movie and ate Thanksgiving leftovers. I would say it was one of the magical successful days of 2015!

festive holiday christmas tree farm