thanksgiving 2015 thanksgiving day getaway

SEE :: 'Brooklyn'. I was honestly surprised by this movie. It was not what I was expecting. I'm not sure exactly what it was I thought it would be, but it definitely surpassed my expectations. It's funny, but not in a romantic comedy way, more in a clever and subtle way. It was really pretty in a visual way too.... I would know since I was late and sat literally in the very front row. Saoirse Ronan is captivating to watch. As a Brooklyn gal myself, I always love a film that takes place in a different time here in the city. It's also refreshing to know that throughout history, most people have a sense of homesickness after they move to the city.... but then realize they can never actually stay away for too long! 

SHOP :: Balmain for H&M. The long awaited collection launches this week and will likely sell out in a flash as most of these designer collections tend to do. Some pieces are hitting over the $500 mark, which is bonkers for anything made under the umbrella of H&M. Luckily for you die hard fans, there are plenty of pieces under the $100 mark too. 

APPLAUD :: REI for closing on Thanksgiving. As they announced their doors will stay locked on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I just wanted to cry out in jubilation that finally a company has the right idea! They are pushing for better work/life balance for their employees and a better life for their customers by urging them to get outside instead of standing in long lines for a discounted item or staying at home on their computers doing online shopping. Let's support more of this! 

READ :: 'Wildflower'. What isn't there to love about Drew Barrymore? I, for one, have a huge girl crush on her. She's real, she's honest and she's (kind of) relatable.... aside from being in the spotlight her whole life and have millions of dollars. I enjoy reading her snippets on motherhood and being a girl boss. This book is downloading on my Kindle and I can't wait to read it!

PREP :: Thanksgiving dinner table.  Decorating dinner tables is way more fun for me than actually eating any of the dinner itself. I'm not a big cook, but I am a big decorator. And festive holiday dinner tables are my jam. My first stop is my 'Entertaining' board on Pinterest to help get the inspiration going! And to also just use as an excuse to spend time on Pinterest. 

How is it already November?! Pretty hard to believe, but I sure do love these next two months and all the family dinners, holiday toasting and cozy nights in!