The first time I saw a photo of one of those leather woven chairs from The Citizenry..... there were too many emotions to mention. Like.. all the feelings. Which, honestly surprised me as the Cali-resort-laid back-west coast furniture designs are not usually what I gravitate towards. But, geez..... just look at those beauties above. I'd make them work! 

I believe we are in a time where businesses have to be more aware of how the impact of their goods and services directly impacts others. There is more focus on partnering with local communities to build more sustainability. I'm honored to see this regularly at my day job, but it has also made me that much more aware of other companies who are doing it.... and doing it really well. 

the citizenry leather chair wood copper tables

The team over at The Citizenry are executing a beautiful business model for sourcing global goods. They collaborate with local artisans, partner with them to design products based around their age-old skills and regional materials. The outcome of those partnerships results in some seriously incredible pieces. I mean, just feast your eyes on theses photos! 

the citizenry plate tray blanket 

Every time we travel I always find a piece of furniture or oversized serving platter that I'm convinced I could fit in my suitcase and bring home with me....... or at least I'm convinced a man with a van could be persuaded to drive it back to Brooklyn. That is rarely ever an actual possibility and it's also pretty expensive. 

One of the best parts of The Citizenry is that they have given us access to all of these worldly goods without having to travel far and wide to collect them. Instead, they are just a few clicks away from being on your doorstep and in your living room.  God, I love the internet. 

the citizenry pillow basket top pieces for your home

While these are just some of my favorite pieces I've highlighted in this post, be sure to hop over to their website to check out alllllll the drool worthy goods they have in their current collection. Each season they come out with a new collection - so don't worry - the lusting is never-ending! 

photos via: the citizenry