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I’m a believer in building a family narrative. One that encompasses both of our separate family traditions and also leaves room for us to build our own as our tribe grows. Our longest running tradition as a couple has been going upstate for apple picking in the fall. It is honestly the best thing ever…. seriously, ever. We used to go on weekend dates upstate exploring little towns, we got engaged and then married in one of those little Hudson Valley towns, we love the changing of the leaves, the crisp air and the perfect temperature, the apple cider with a side of apple cider donuts, the smell of the fireplace and….. I mean, you get the idea. We are very predictable city folk who yearn for a bit of country flair.  

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Some years we rent a house, gather some friends and make a whole vacation out of apple picking. It’s really the only way to fully experience the magicalness that is the New England fall season. It’s my favorite outfit season - layers and scarves, but not bulky jackets. It’s my favorite food season - all things pumpkin spice. It’s my favorite smelling season - all the candles are out and fire pits are a must. This is starting to turn into my love letter to fall. Fall, can you hear me? I love you. One of my wishes in life is to maybe live in a town where it’s basically fall all year around. Does that place exist?  

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The neat thing with traditions is that they can be passed on to your children or used to create larger stories with your existing family. Bringing Parker along has brought apple picking up to a whole new level. Is there anything cuter than a tiny person picking apples and then trying to eat them? Do note her tiny little Mickey Mouse gardening gloves that she referred to as her 'apple picking gloves' and refused to take off. As she gets older, I love watching her get excited by new experiences. The tractor ride at the apple farm….. girlfriend was having joy-rage she was so excited. Or maybe that was the after effects of the apple cider donut she ate. #sugarrush

white jeans fall plaid outfit

The past couple of years my dad has joined us and now this tradition has expanded to other parts of our family. It’s really neat! (Yes, I just said ‘neat’.... I guess it's like a mom thing.) I love seeing us creating and experiencing these memories together. I want them to be things our children remember when they are older and hopefully decide are something they want to do with their families - and then we can tag along!

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